9 Key Questions to Evaluate the Teledentistry Opportunity for Your Public Health Program
teledent supercharges screening programs

How do you know if adding a teledentistry deployment to your public health program will have a real impact? You could start with these questions:

  1. Do You Need to Increase the Reach of Your Program?
  2. Do You Need to Improve Metrics While Staying Cost Effective?
  3. Will Providers You Partner with or Employ Appreciate More Efficient  Use of Their Time?
  4. Does Your Community or Population Have Access to Care Issues That Need to be Met?
  5. Is it a Source of Frustration to See Patients not Closing the Loop on Care?
  6. Does Your Organization Aim to Support Whole Person Health?
  7. Do You Have “Data Silo” Challenges or Find Gaps in Communication and Data Sharing?
  8. Does Your Funding Depend on Showing Results?
  9. What is Your Legislative and Scope of Practice Terrain?

We’re working on an ebook that explores these questions in more detail. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter, or schedule a brief discovery call to see how teledentistry with TeleDent can supercharge screening programs and elevate public health care encounters of all kinds.