ADA highlights Dr. Nathan Suter, MouthWatch clinical advisor, as MDA’s Dentist of the Year

The ADA’s blog New Dentist News, highlights MouthWatch clinical Advisor, Dr. Nathan Suter and his recognition by the Missouri Dental Association as Dentist of the Year for his work in leading teledentistry adoption in Missouri.

From the post:

Teledentistry first caught Dr. Sutter’s attention in 2014 while attending a presentation by Dr. Paul Glassman, professor of dental practice and director of community oral health, from the University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

“He was illustrating the impact and literature of his five-year program in rural and underserved communities,” said Dr. Suter, who at the time felt overwhelmed in providing dental care to residents of Hillsboro and House Springs. “I saw [teledentistry] as this great opportunity to increase access to care in Missouri without the need to expand any scope of practice.”

Dr. Suter launched the first pilot of teledentistry in Missouri. He uses MouthWatch TeleDent for live video consults with FQHC patients. We’re honored to have Dr. Suter as a clinical advisor for teledentistry applications and the further development of MouthWatch TeleDent. He is the founder of Access Teledentistry, a teledentistry consulting service in Missouri.

Full article at ADA. 

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