The MouthWatch Method™— See. Show. Treat. Repeat.

Whatever intraoral cameras you are currently using, you can apply the MouthWatch Method™. Our cameras were designed to optimize each step.


See what’s happening in the patient’s mouth with clear imaging and bright LEDs.


Show it with easy integration to any imaging software, including 1-button click save to chart.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bruce Seidberg. His MouthWatch camera and laptop imaging


Treat more cases when clear intraoral images start conversations in the chair and build trust over time by showing treatment results or deteriorating conditions from lack of treatment. 


Repeat this at every appointment for every patient. 

A Camera Designed for See. Show. Treat. Repeat.

Why? To create a routine that makes case acceptance routine.

Building patient trust with clear images they can understand translates not only into greater case acceptance, it translates into patient retention and new word-of-mouth referrals. Studies have indicated between 70-95% boost in case acceptance with the routine use of intraoral cameras.  That would be like nearly doubling your current number of cases. What would even a 10% boost do for your bottom line?  

And there are the other benefits:  improved at-home oral care, improved hygienist job satisfaction, and reduced insurance claim delays.

Download our free ebook that provides a 10-point Checklist to get the most growth potential from intraoral cameras.

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