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Choose How to Save this Black Friday at MouthWatch: Save over $250 on a 3 Camera Bundle—or Build Your Own Bundle and Save 15% Off.


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Option 1: The MouthWatch 3 Camera Bundle

Save over $250 on each bundle

Save over $250 on three easy-to-use MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras, 3 convenient camera wall brackets, and a 1000 pack of OptiClear™ sleeves to assure the best images. This Bundle is only available during Black Friday. Easy intraoral photography for every op, at the best price of the year.

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$999 $1253

3 Camera Bundle Details

Every 3 Camera Black Friday Bundle Includes:

three mouthwatch cameras

3 MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras

See. Show. Treat. Times 3!

Three of our award-winning, super simple one-button operation cameras that dentists love at the best price of the year.

Get super simple one button imaging success, in triplicate.


MouthWatch Intraoral Camera Sleeves for Best Images

1000 Pack of OptiClear™ Sleeves

Get the best out of each image capture with OptiClear™ intraoral camera sleeves at the best price per sleeve offer all year. Designed with an optically clear window, and for a snug fit, to ensure clear images every time.


Black Friday Bundle with 3 wall mounts

3 Convenient Wall Brackets

Our most popular intraoral camera mount option! This wall bracket can also be attached to a system bar for ease of access. Works perfectly with either intraoral camera model.


Free US Shipping!

Free US shipping on all Black Friday offers.

$999 $1253

Option 2: Create a Custom Camera Bundle

custom intraoral camera bundle

Get 15% off on everything you add to your bundle with the builder below. Does not apply to items added to cart outside of builder. Must include at least 1 camera.  Free shipping included on your whole custom bundle.

Product Quantity

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Simple One Button Success. At the best price of the year. Make it easy for every team member to help grow your practice.

$254.15 each

OptiClear™ 500 Pack

OptiClear™ is our sleeve designed to deliver the clearest images with MouthWatch cameras. Lowest price of the year.

$118.15 each

OptiClear™ 1000 Pack

1000 packs are our best deal on one-time orders of sleeves. Now even better for Black Friday.

$228.65 each

MouthWatch Camera Wall Bracket

Convenient wall bracket to keep cameras handy and organized.

$24.65 each

MouthWatch Camera Desk Mount

Hefty, stable desk mount for horizontal surfaces. Add for convenience.

$33.15 each

Here’s what doesn’t change for Black Friday…

As always at MouthWatch, your order today is backed by 100% satisfaction  money-back guarantee. And every MouthWatch customer is backed by complimentary, lifetime technical support with our friendly, responsive U.S.-based team. As always, MouthWatch cameras are guaranteed to integrate with your imaging software for fast, one-click capture of intraoral photos sent straight to charts.

We’re looking forward to being a part of your success in patient education, case acceptance, improved documentation, reduced claims issues and so much more in 2023. 

I got rid of cameras that cost me $4,000 or $5,000. I now have MouthWatch in 2 operatories and am going to get a third. It integrated right away into my software and I love it.
-Dr. Lejtman

MouthWatch has simplified the daily office routine. I can see, diagnose and recommend treatment for minor things in the hygiene rooms without leaving my operatory.
– T. Ganshert, DDS

Our MouthWatch cameras help the patient see and understand why the treatment is needed. Patients are more likely to schedule treatment after they see a photo.
– S. Abrams, DDS

I’ve had competitors’ cameras that cost a heck-of-a-lot more money, and all my staff would agree you guys take the best pictures at the best price—with the best results with our patients.
– Dr. S. Coates, DDS

Easy to use, and all photos increase case acceptance
-Brian LaBombard, DMD

Our team loves our MouthWatch cameras. Great quality photos help so much with case acceptance. A picture is worth a thousand words.
-Namay Dentistry (Sylvania)

We use our Mouthwatch cameras at every patient visit. Whether it’s in one of the hygienist’s chairs or a doctor’s chair. Using the cameras makes it so much easier to show patients their issues and take ownership of them.
Timothy Tishler, DDS

Easy to use, takes excellent pictures and it is irreplaceable for use in patient education!
-A. Roberts, DDS

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