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Where are the Jobs in Teledentistry?

The rapid adoption of teledentistry combined with patient satisfaction and demand has created opportunity for dental professionals. Amongst the most searched dentistry jobs is “teledentistry careers”, and with good cause.

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Thousands of Dentists Know the Secret — Do You?

Thousands of dentists know the secret to increasing patient case acceptance, do you? What one trick can help educate patients on a variety of conditions, increase payor acceptance and document finding all in one? Utilizing an intraoral camera does just that.

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Integrating Medical and Dental Care with Teledentistry

Have you ever thought about the opportunities teledentistry could provide when it comes to integrated care? We know teledentistry provides efficiency when it comes to the private and public sector of dentistry. It has been proven again and again, but what about integrated care? Healthcare providers recognize the correlation between oral and systemic health and the importance of integrating the two.

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