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Can an Intraoral Camera be Used for Risk Mitigation?

Infection Control Intraoral cameras are used for patient education and case presentation, but have you thought of using one to reduce disease transmission?  In the ongoing pandemic, dental practices are ever-evolving to find methods to reduce risk of infection...

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Thousands of Dentists Know the Secret — Do You?

Thousands of dentists know the secret to increasing patient case acceptance, do you? What one trick can help educate patients on a variety of conditions, increase payor acceptance and document finding all in one? Utilizing an intraoral camera does just that.

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When the Patient Sees What You See, They Can Understand What You Do

If there is a way to let the dentistry sell itself after you lay out the simple facts would you do it? Advances and affordability of technology has allowed us to do just that. One of the simplest ways is to ensure there are intraoral cameras in every operatory, the ease of use to capture an image and allow the patient to see what you see and aids the patient in understanding the needs.

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13 Tips for Buying Dental Units for Non-Traditional Settings

A traditional dental office is the “comfort zone” for most dentists and dental hygienists. This is how most of us were taught in school. Venturing out into a non-traditional setting can be very rewarding but can also present unanticipated challenges, especially when...

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Intraoral Cameras for Better Patient Education

As dental professionals, it is our job to educate our patients. As a hygienist myself, I will admit to feeling a little uncomfortable pulling out a toothbrush and demonstrating proper brushing techniques with an adult patient. It feels awkward because most patients...

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5 Things to Look for in Intraoral Cameras

We're Kind of Intraoral Camera Geeks. If you're considering adding or extending the use of intraoral cameras at your practice — great! We'd like to share a checklist of what to look for. This list is distilled from years of experience making and selling intraoral...

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Grasp and Imaging Techniques for Intraoral Cameras

Video #3 in series: MouthWatch Intraoral Camera Care and Cleaning Best Practices From "Getting Started" to "How to Get the Most from Your Intraoral Cameras" we have 4 new, brief training videos that can get your team...

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The MouthWatch Method™— See. Show. Treat. Repeat.

Whatever intraoral cameras you are currently using, you can apply the MouthWatch Method™. Our cameras were designed to optimize each step. See. Show. Treat. Repeat. See what's happening in the patient's mouth with clear imaging and bright LEDs.  Show it...

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