Special Needs Dentistry: Teach How They Learn

Treating special needs patients can be challenging and rewarding — all in the same breath!  Many are faced with difficulties ranging from physical to intellectual and many times a combination of both.  Take Autism for example: it is an intellectual...

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Mentorship in Dentistry

What is Mentorship?  Every good clinician has had a mentor that has helped them learn and hone their craft, whether in training and/or as their career evolves. Mentorship in dentistry can be the guidance of a less-experienced dental professional by a more...

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Teledentistry by State: Quick Facts Interactive Map

A New Resource from MouthWatch MouthWatch has compiled quick facts on teledentistry across all 50 states (and DC). These are from a variety of state board and state regulation sources. You should look at your state board resources on teledentistry and understand...

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TeleDent is a DPR Top Innovative Dental Product 2019

Just recently at the Teledentistry Innovation Awards (the “Tellies”) in New York we celebrated 4 remarkable innovators and pioneers in the use of telehealth technology in dental care, including Dr. Paul Glassman who received a special award as a...

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The MouthWatch Method™— See. Show. Treat. Repeat.

Whatever intraoral cameras you are currently using, you can apply the MouthWatch Method™. Our cameras were designed to optimize each step. See. Show. Treat. Repeat. See what's happening in the patient's mouth with clear imaging and bright LEDs.  Show it...

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Integrating Medical and Dental Care with Teledentistry

Have you ever thought about the opportunities teledentistry could provide when it comes to integrated care? We know teledentistry provides efficiency when it comes to the private and public sector of dentistry. It has been proven again and again, but what about integrated care? Healthcare providers recognize the correlation between oral and systemic health and the importance of integrating the two.

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