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Current MouthWatch Webinars

Over the past few months MouthWatch has hosted multiple webinars to help guide dental professionals through practicing dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic and now into navigating the "new normal" of dentistry. Below you will find all of the webinars currently...

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ADA Guidance on Re-Opening Dental Practices

As states and dental practices begin to prepare for reopening after ADA guidance to postpone non-urgent dental procedures through April 30, the ADA has offered additional guidance on proper personal protective equipment (PPE). "In states that are considering...

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TeleDent is Now Part of This Story

The ADA last year profiled MiQuel McRae, RDH, CDHC, and founder of ToothB.U.D.D.S., a school-focused oral health initiative in Arizona. MiQuel wrote to us recently that: I consider teledentistry one of the greatest benefits we offer to the kids we serve. It truly...

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Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry: A Perfect Match

Teledentistry is to mobile dentistry what peanut butter is to jelly – you don’t really want to have one without the other… Yes, they can stand alone, but together the two components harmoniously work together to make something that’s good, even better. Here’s what we...

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Integrating Medical and Dental Care with Teledentistry

Have you ever thought about the opportunities teledentistry could provide when it comes to integrated care? We know teledentistry provides efficiency when it comes to the private and public sector of dentistry. It has been proven again and again, but what about integrated care? Healthcare providers recognize the correlation between oral and systemic health and the importance of integrating the two.

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