2020 Side Effect: Bruxism and Broken Teeth

The stress that 2020 has brought to the world has led to a variety of stress caused ailments, including recent news reports of dentists reporting a higher incidence of fractured teeth versus pre-COVID. One common manifestation of stress is bruxism, which can lead to...

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Reducing Patient (and Provider) Anxiety with Teledentistry

For many individuals a trip to the dentist means battling fear and requires mustering all the strength and courage they have to walk through the office doors. The “white coat syndrome” can elicit fear and anxiety, even leading to medical emergencies within the practice.

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FEMA and PPE Guidelines

PPE shortages continue to cause concern among the medical and dental communities. FEMA recently released updated practice guidelines with recommendations to "Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose" PPE and suggestions on how to implement standards. Dental offices nationwide...

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In-Office Teledentistry Workflow

Teledentistry became an essential tool for many practices during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While offices were closed, providers were still able to offer care to their patients virtually. As offices begin to re-open, teledentistry can continue to help...

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Current MouthWatch Webinars

Over the past few months MouthWatch has hosted multiple webinars to help guide dental professionals through practicing dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic and now into navigating the "new normal" of dentistry. Below you will find all of the webinars currently...

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