Current MouthWatch Webinars
MouthWatch Webinars

Over the past few months MouthWatch has hosted multiple webinars to help guide dental professionals through practicing dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic and now into navigating the “new normal” of dentistry. Below you will find all of the webinars currently available on-demand. Click on the webinar title to register and watch each webinar.

Why Resilient Practices Will Use Teledentistry – In this webinar Dr. Margaret Scarlett addresses questions such as: (1) What can I do now with teledentistry to augment in-office care? (2) How can teledentistry help my practice increase efficiency and safety?
(3) Where and when can I incorporate teledentistry into my office workflow to create resilience? (4) How does teledentistry apply to each level of risk mitigation?

How to Make Teledentistry Part of a Safer Hygiene Workflow – In this webinar, Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, looks at why hygienists should be expecting teledentistry as part of the strategy for safely re-opening. She helps attendees have a clearer understanding of their options for aerosol management and better understand current CDC guidelines on PPE use—and how both aerosol management and PPE concerns point toward the practical role for teledentistry, including innovate in-office applications.

“Teledentistry for What’s Next: Mitigating Risk and Navigating a New Normal” – our CEO Brant Herman and Dr. Margaret Scarlett look at the ways teledentistry can provide flexible workflows and business innovation to help dental practices adapt and navigate their own path in a new landscape.

“Applying for the FCC Covid-19 Telehealth Program for Teledentistry” – CEO Brant Herman and Dr. Nathan Suter discuss the FCC’s Telehealth Grant Program and the opportunities for public health and nonprofit healthcare programs to enrich and extend the dental care they provide. The webinar notes USDA telemedicine funding programs and how those can be applicable to teledentistry initiatives.

“Patient Assessment via Synchronous Teledentistry: Clinical Techniques Overview” – In the webinar, Dr. Scott Howell discussed tips for the patient to set up their computer or phone, assessment questions to ask, and even a step-by-step guide for patients to display intraoral structures properly for evaluation.