Easy and Powerful Intraoral Imaging, Anywhere in Your Office

ExamTab software works with your Windows 10 and recent Android OS devices to provide convenient, portable, powerful imaging, case and patient management tools in your hands. And for case presentation, upclose in the hands of the patient instead of on a distant monitor.

Product Tour

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ExamTab Benefits

Portable Imaging and Case Presentation

Whether you’re moving between operatories or between practices, with ExamTab software your practice has a portable and effective way to document and use intraoral images on any compatible Windows 10 or Android tablet or laptop.

Be a Patient-Centered Practice & Boost Case Acceptance

Promote co-diagnosis and “patient-generated” treatment with ExamTab—and reduce the amount of “selling” your practice has to do. When patients see, they understand why they need to say yes to treatment.

Upgrade your patient experience without high cost

Do you have chairs without monitors or x-ray software? ExamTab makes for a quick, feature-rich path to upgrading your patient experience without high cost.

Additional Features

Standalone Imaging

ExamTab allows you to bring powerful intraoral imaging into every patient appointment.

Patient Management

Whether you have x-ray software or not, ExamTab allows for robust patient record management.

Case Presentation Tools

Draw on images to help with education and print a visual treatment plan including photos, notes and your practice’s information.

Still Photos and Videos

Using the MouthWatch Camera (sold separately) you can take sharp diagnostic quality images or record videos to help educate patients.

Detailed Capabilities

Below, see the wide range of capabilities that ExamTab can deliver on each device it’s installed on. Patient management tools. Exam management tools. Case presentation tools. Intraoral photography documentation tools. Practice branding tools. One feature that many practices appreciated is the ability to share a custom Treatment Plan printout with patients (see right). Read below for a detailed list of ExamTab capabilities.

  • Capture and store intraoral still photos and videos
  • HIPAA compliant screen lock mode
  • Flexible storage of patient images
  • Create Exam and Treatment Plans
  • Draw on images
  • Print images
  • Export images
  • Backup and restore functionality
  • Multi-camera inputs (e.g., webcam and intraoral camera)
  • Image notation
  • Patient record management
  • Easy image management
  • Works on Windows 10 or Android
  • Perfect MouthWatch Camera integration

Windows and Android

Buy the Windows 10 license key directly through us. Order Android in the Google Play store.

Share Images Like This with ExamTab

Images come from ExamTab combined with the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Frequently Asked Questions


Does ExamTab integrate with my practice management software?

No, ExamTab is a standalone system designed to make case presentation easier in every operatory. You can easily export the images and videos you take in ExamTab and import them into your digital x-ray software.

Does this work on an iPad?

At this point in time, ExamTab software is only available for Windows 8, 10 or Android devices.

Can I use my own laptop or Windows tablet?

You sure can. Simply purchase a license for ExamTab through our store and then an activation code will be emailed to you. This will allow you to run ExamTab on any computer linked to that Microsoft account.

Can I print out Exams for Patients?

Yes, ExamTab allows you to include your practice logo or name, along with patient information, clinical notes and selected images which can then be printed out in a convenient report to share with a patient.

Combine ExamTab with a MouthWatch Camera

To get the most from ExamTab capabilities, we recommend each device have a dedicated intraoral camera. ExamTab running on your Windows 10 or Android device will work with a range of intraoral cameras. On checkout, you can add affordable MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras to ensure the highest-level of compatibility, imaging quality, and ease-of-use.


The Power of Seeing, Everywhere in Your Practice