Easy, affordable intraoral

imaging in every operatory.

Easy, affordable intraoral

imaging in every operatory.

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Proven Tools

MouthWatch intraoral cameras are proven tools for improving patient engagement and boosting case acceptance rates.

High Quality Images

Our intraoral cameras provide high-quality imaging at a price that makes it affordable to have a camera in every operatory..

Easy To Use

Our intraoral cameras are recognized not just for being affordable, but for their ease of use and image quality. See example clinical images.

Buy the MouthWatch
Savings Bundle

Everything you need to get the most from each camera for $419 per bundle.

Priced individually, this bundle would cost $467. You save $48 per bundle, or over 10%. Each bundle includes:

  • 1x MouthWatch Intraoral Camera
  • 1x MouthWatch Camera Wall Bracket
  • 1x OptiClear™ 500 Pack Camera Sleeves

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One Teledentistry Solution For All Practices

Serve Patients Anytime,
Anywhere with TeleDent.

TeleDent is a complete teledentistry platform—built from the ground up for dental professionals and their patients. With TeleDent, you can streamline communication, enhance the patient experience, and improve long-term operational efficiency.

Secure Patient Messaging

Securely screen patients, offer clinical expertise and determine next steps on any device before scheduling an appointment.

Live Video Conferencing

Meet patients virtually, face-to-face using live, recordable video conferencing and offer
billable evaluations from any location.

Cloud Collaboration

Communicate and share diagnostic info with your team, your specialists and your patients through a cloud based portal.

See how TeleDent can help your practice make teledentistry happen.

Our mission at MouthWatch is to improve oral health around the world through innovative software and products that improve communications, enhance understanding, and facilitate the delivery of dental care.



Dentistry.One is our next step toward transforming oral health. Through our nationwide network of dentists and a virtual-first model for connecting patients to care, Dentistry.One creates significant new opportunities for insurance carriers, employers, health plans, DSOs, and oral health product companies.


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