Simple one button success,

priced to have in every op.

Hey, nice to meet you! We’re MouthWatch…

You might have heard of us. We created the intraoral camera that’s affordable, produces high-quality images, and seamlessly integrates with your imaging software, guaranteed.

But what we really care about is making dentistry easier for both patients and dental professionals.

We know that building trust with your patients is key to providing effective care.

And this is where our cameras come in See. Show. Treat. Repeat.

Showing patients what you can see takes out the guesswork for them and removes the communication barrier that clinical dental language can create.

Check out our video below to hear from our Director of Client Success, Eden Ivie, RDH PHDHP, on why intraoral cameras are important, what to look for when shopping for them, and example use cases.

What makes MouthWatch’s
intraoral camera so great?

  • Instant on
  • Sharp, fixed focus
  • Lightweight, ergonomic
  • Quick single button capture
  • Guaranteed to seamlessly integrate
    with your imaging software
  • Crystal clear intraoral images
  • Free lifetime customer support
  • 1-year complete hardware warranty
  • No-risk 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Hassle-free USB connection

Every MouthWatch Intraoral Camera Includes:

  • 50 free OptiClear™ camera sleeves
  • 1 year warranty
  • Integrated 6ft. USB cable
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Button capture software for your imaging software
  • Unparalleled lifetime customer support

Save an additional $30
per camera when buying more than one.

**Contact us for pricing on orders of 24 cameras or more.**