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Recent Intraoral Camera Blog Posts

Using Intraoral Cameras to Improve Your Insurance Claim Process

Intraoral cameras are powerful tools for dental offices. They provide us the ability to show patients what they typically can’t see. Patients therefore better understand the need for treatment and case acceptance rate increases. By taking this same mindset and...

13 Tips for Buying Dental Units for Non-Traditional Settings

A traditional dental office is the “comfort zone” for most dentists and dental hygienists. This is how most of us were taught in school. Venturing out into a non-traditional setting can be very rewarding but can also present unanticipated challenges, especially when...

Intraoral Cameras for Better Patient Education

As dental professionals, it is our job to educate our patients. As a hygienist myself, I will admit to feeling a little uncomfortable pulling out a toothbrush and demonstrating proper brushing techniques with an adult patient. It feels awkward because most patients...

See how teledentistry will help you extend and amplify the reach of your clinical skills and make your operatory more efficient.

Recent Teledentistry Blog Posts

Store and forward as a DVR for Dentistry

“In a nutshell, asynchronous teledentistry involves collecting a patient’s clinical information and uploading it to the cloud, where it can be accessed and reviewed by dental professionals in other locations at any time. This is also known as store and forward.”“With...

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