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Special Needs Dentistry: Teach How They Learn

Treating special needs patients can be challenging and rewarding — all in the same breath!  Many are faced with difficulties ranging from physical to intellectual and many times a combination of both.  Take Autism for example: it is an intellectual...

See how teledentistry will help you extend and amplify the reach of your clinical skills and make your operatory more efficient.

Recent Teledentistry Blog Posts

California: A Leader in Teledentistry Acceptance

The adoption and Practice Acts surrounding teledentistry vary widely depending on the state you are located.  At MouthWatch we often hear “Can I use teledentistry in my state?” The short answer is that it depends on your state, your license type and in what manner you...

Where are the Jobs in Teledentistry?

The rapid adoption of teledentistry combined with patient satisfaction and demand has created opportunity for dental professionals. Amongst the most searched dentistry jobs is “teledentistry careers”, and with good cause.