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Recent Intraoral Camera Blog Posts

Thousands of Dentists Know the Secret — Do You?

Thousands of dentists know the secret to increasing patient case acceptance, do you? What one trick can help educate patients on a variety of conditions, increase payor acceptance and document finding all in one? Utilizing an intraoral camera does just that.

When the Patient Sees What You See, They Can Understand What You Do

If there is a way to let the dentistry sell itself after you lay out the simple facts would you do it? Advances and affordability of technology has allowed us to do just that. One of the simplest ways is to ensure there are intraoral cameras in every operatory, the ease of use to capture an image and allow the patient to see what you see and aids the patient in understanding the needs.

See how teledentistry will help you extend and amplify the reach of your clinical skills and make your operatory more efficient.

Recent Teledentistry Blog Posts

Reducing Patient (and Provider) Anxiety with Teledentistry

For many individuals a trip to the dentist means battling fear and requires mustering all the strength and courage they have to walk through the office doors. The “white coat syndrome” can elicit fear and anxiety, even leading to medical emergencies within the practice.

FEMA and PPE Guidelines

PPE shortages continue to cause concern among the medical and dental communities. FEMA recently released updated practice guidelines with recommendations to "Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose" PPE and suggestions on how to implement standards. Dental offices nationwide...

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