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Recent Intraoral Camera Blog Posts

What Intraoral Cameras Mean for the Patient

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, they even have more impact when spoken from the patients interpretation of intraoral imaging. Intraoral images can explain to patients what words can’t say.

The Importance of Intraoral Cameras in Oral Cancer Screening

Intraoral cameras are an integral part of successful dental practices, proving a variety of benefits from case acceptance to claim support.  One of the most critical roles intraoral cameras can have in a dental office is for oral cancer referrals.   The...

See how teledentistry will help you extend and amplify the reach of your clinical skills and make your operatory more efficient.

Recent Teledentistry Blog Posts

HB2056 Opening the Doors to Teledentistry in Texas

HB2056 Launches Big Changes in a Big State, Starting September 1, 2021. Last month Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 2056, effectively legalizing teledentistry in Texas. This important legislation combats a ban issued by the Texas State Board of Dental...

Pediatric Teledentistry

Pediatric Teledentistry for Patients and Guardians Teledentistry has been an important contributor in driving the post-pandemic recovery of dental practices by helping them evolve quickly from urgent care to full-service care. This is especially evident in pediatric...

Improving Efficiency with Teledentistry

Teledentistry has created innovating practice opportunities, enhancing the way we care for patients. Streamlining your practice to include teledentistry creates and efficient workflow for the benefit of both patients and dental providers