All the Benefits of Telehealth for Your Practice, Team and Patients

Free for One Year

TeleDent by MouthWatch is a complete teledentistry platform—built from the ground up for dental professionals and their patients. Delta Dental of Massachusetts is covering one year of TeleDent license fees for pilot program invitees such as your practice. Create your account now while the pilot program is available. No credit card required. Learn more about the TeleDent enhanced account benefits below that come from participation in the pilot.

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Never miss a patient communication opportunity

Patient journeys start online with teledentistry consultations. Secure messaging so patients connect to your care from their phone. Remote monitoring, case presentation, patient education, specialist collaboration. Flexible ways to you connected to your patients, and your patients connected to care.

Create flexible productivity for you and your team

Provide messaging evaluations from your phone or any device. Treatment plan from anywhere. Help team members work remotely when needed. Be productive when not in the operatory. Have more options to keep providing services when the office is closed. Allow hygiene teams to see patients and evaluate patients via teledentistry.

Meet patient expectations for telehealth options

Your patients increasingly expect telehealth options, including for their dental care. Be their resource instead of making them look for other options. Teledentistry makes your practice more efficient but also brings new patients in for treatment. 

Why it’s Time to Pay Attention to Teledentistry

Telehealth saw significant adoption across medical and healthcare needs during the pandemic. It’s a change that is here to stay. Patients are now looking for and expecting telehealth options, including for their dental care. And according to a recent study, 71% of teledentistry encounters result in an in-office visit. Dentists can now free up chair time, be more efficient and stay connected to their patients and their dental care and oral health needs, through real-time and store and forward teledentistry.  TeleDent provides those capabilities and much more. 

Asynchronous Teledentistry

A patient using TeleDent’s messaging tools can send photos to their dentist for review, or a clinician can share a treatment plan and clinical imaging with a specialist to plan the best course of action. A hygienist capturing images and patient data remotely can store and share date for later review.

Synchronous Teledentistry

Live, real-time interaction with a patient, such as in a live video consultation. TeleDent’s clinically-enhanced live video consultation capabilities include image capture, video recording and consolidated messaging for one-on-one or multi-party conferencing.

Resources from MouthWatch

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about teledentistry.

What are patients look for?

What kinds of questions do patients have about teledentistry and dental telehealth options?

Five things every dentist should know about teledentistry

A quick overview of key things dentists should be aware of about teledentistry and its opportunities.

One sheet: Why teledentistry?

What are practices, providers and organizations achieving with teledentistry

Features Built for Dentists

Mobile Friendly for Patients and Providers

TeleDent works on the browser of your phone. Or patients can use an app on  their iOS and Android phones for easy, secure video conferencing and messaging.

No email required

Invite patients to use the portal through SMS text

Get notified instantly

SMS and push notifications for appointment reminders and video conference links

One click video consults

Patients simply click on a link in a text message to join a video conference with their dentist

Consolidated Clinical Messaging 

Securely message and share files to patients and providers for easier treatment and collaboration.

Share media and documents

Share images, radiographs, CAD/CAM files, documents and treatment plans with patients, team members and specialists easily and securely.

Create visual treatment plans

Combine clinical images and your treatment planning into visually compelling documents that can be shared to patients.

Video consults that are easy and powerful

When real-time messaging isn’t enough, easily launch a video chat from any device, with the features that dentists and dental teams need.

Register New Patients Quickly

Patients can request a consultation and self register for the patient portal through a simple form.

Patient consult request form

You can share a link to your own branded patient intake form via social media or email marketing, or embed the web form on your website.

Appointment calendar

Patients and providers can easily add their teledentistry appointments to their personal calendars

Customizable consent policies

Tailor the consent policies your practice requires before patients connect for their virtual consultations.

TeleDent is a 2020 Cellerant Best of Class
Technology Award Winner

Everything you need to succeed with virtual dental care

Provider-to-provider collaboration, task management, charting and coding tools … You’ll discover how you’ll put TeleDent to work on your team during your DDMA Pilot preferred onboarding with a Dedicated Customer Success Manager.

TeleDent Pilot Program accounts include these enhanced benefits…

12 Months Free
TeleDent Subscription

  • Priority onboarding
  • Priority feature requests
  • Free bulk patient upload
  • Free CE teledentistry certificate program
  • Additional 10 GB free storage
  • All setup fees waived

Dedicated Customer
Success Manager

  • Tailored in-app training 
  • Tailored learning courses
  • Marketing and coding toolkit
  • On-demand orientation and training resources
  • Custom training sessions and marketing consulting

Priority Phone

Schedule your free initial team training

Hold a time slot in early April so your team can hit the ground running after registering when the pilot goes live on April 1st, 2021.  

This Pilot Program is a great way to bring teledentistry into your practice. 

Not only will you have an entire year of TeleDent for free, your preferred account will also have:

A dedicated Customer Success Manager

All the enhanced account benefits listed above

No credit card required