Extend Your Reach and Treat More Patients with TeleDent™

Do more of what matters for you and your community

Whether you have screenings programs or are a community-centered private practice — or are looking for a platform to enable your own innovation in care delivery — the teledentistry solutions included in TeleDent help you do more of what you care about.

Bring the Advantages of Teledentistry to Your Practice and Your Community


  • patient data between providers
  • clinical information seamlessly
  • intraoral images and videos from any location
    • in real-time
    • or via store and forward technology


  • referrals
  • oral health screenings
  • clinician/patient consultations
  • collaboration between GPs
  • patient care planning
  • your dental work-life balance


  • innovative dentists
  • community-centered private practices
  • public health programs
  • mobile dental programs
  • screening programs
  • specialists
  • group practice locations
  • hygienists working under remote supervision