Software for Community-Centered Dental Care and Oral Health

TeleDent™ is how preventive, education, and clinical treatment skills collaborate to improve patient care — without being in the same office together. Learn how to improve and simplify communication and collaboration between midlevel practitioners or hygienists and the entire dental team. 

 For Improving Access to Care, Access Innovation


  • patient data between providers
  • clinical information seamlessly
  • intraoral images and videos from any location
    • in real-time
    • or via store and forward technology


  • oral health screenings
  • referrals
  • school outreach programs
  • mobile care programs
  • any healthcare encounter
  • close the loop on treatment
  • patient costs and travel time reduction
  • value of clinical input, live or store and forward


  • independent hygienists
  • screening programs
  • midlevel practitioners
  • community-centered private practices
  • public health programs
  • mobile dental programs
  • hygienists working under remote supervision