15 Pilot Spots Available For Massachusetts Providers


Get your dental team fully trained in using teledentistry with TeleDent by MouthWatch
to optimize your practice with telehealth workflows. Join the Telehealth for Dental Pilot.

Why Apply?

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, telehealth options have increased to meet the evolving needs of patients. Telehealth for Dental offers your practice the opportunity to pilot free for 1 year an easy to use and easy to implement digital platform to connect with your patients virtually. Dental telehealth, also known as teledentistry, can be used for a variety of services including certain assessments and screenings, follow-up treatment plans, and urgent and emergent care.

Pilot participants will get a a free 1 year subscription for their practice to TeleDent by MouthWatch, a cloud-based teledentistry platform, and training by MouthWatch for all users.

Patient, providers and practices see benefits from the improved dental care communications that teledentistry provides.

A few of the key benefits include:

  • Increasing treatment plan acceptance by providing telehealth connection with your patients before or as a follow-up to in-office care. Patients will have more time and cost transparency to make an informed decision about their treatment plan.
  • Improving practice care efficiency, for instance by allowing emergency or emergent care concerns to be triaged as appropriate before an in-office visit, or optimizing chair schedules by exchanging in-office followups appointments for virtual ones.
  • Enhanced member experience by offering patients the flexibility and convenience of telehealth connection to you and your team’s care.

Schedule your consultation in the form below, or start your application, to learn more about the benefits of teledentistry.

What’s Included in the Pilot?

The pilot program will provide participating offices and their patients with access to TeleDent – a smartphone friendly teledentistry platform – that includes secure patient messaging, live video conferencing, secure file sharing, and cloud collaboration that helps to improve clinical workflows, referrals, and PPE conservation measures. Patients will be able to access TeleDent online, where they can video chat with providers through their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Practices that apply and are accepted into the Telehealth for Dental pilot will receive:

  • 12 months free subscription to TeleDent by MouthWatch
  • CE certificate program for teledentistry consultations​
  • TeleDent priority onboarding​
  • A dedicated TeleDent Customer Success Manager​
  • And more…

There’s no cost to apply. Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about the program and how dentists, hygienists, assistants, treatment coordinators and front office teams can optimize patient experience across the board with teledentistry workflows. Or start your application today while spots remain.

The Telehealth for Dental pilot program is not intended for use with Medicare/Medicaid/SCO/CHIP or any other government program.

Investment Disclosure

An affiliate of DDMA is an investor in MouthWatch.  This offer is not conditioned upon, or intended to induce, any referral by any party or its employees or agents to any other party.  The terms of this offer do not reflect the volume or value of any business generated between the provider and DDMA.  No aspect of your participation in any DDMA provider network will be impacted by your acceptance or denial of this pilot offer.

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How Does TeleDent Help Your Team Deliver Benefits?

Mobile Friendly for Patients and Providers

TeleDent works on the browser of your phone. Or patients can use an app on their iOS and Android phones for easy, secure video conferencing and messaging.

One click video consults

Patients simply click on a link in a text message to join a video conference with their dentist

Get notified instantly

SMS and push notifications for appointment reminders and video conference links

No email required

Invite patients to use the portal through SMS text

Consolidated Clinical Messaging 

Securely message and share files to patients and providers for easier treatment and collaboration.

Create visual treatment plans

Combine clinical images and your treatment planning into visually compelling documents that can be shared to patients.

Video consults that are easy and powerful

When real-time messaging isn’t enough, easily launch a video chat from any device, with the features that dentists and dental teams need.

Share media and documents

Share images, radiographs, CAD/CAM files, documents and treatment plans with patients, team members and specialists easily and securely.

Register New Patients Quickly

Patients can request a consultation and self register for the patient portal through a simple form.

Patient consult request form

You can share a link to your own branded patient intake form via social media or email marketing, or embed the web form on your website.

Appointment calendar

Patients and providers can easily add their teledentistry appointments to their personal calendars

Customizable consent policies

Tailor the consent policies your practice requires before patients connect for their virtual consultations.