Visually Connecting Patients to Care

Intraoral cameras and teledentistry solutions that bring patients, providers and treatment together.

Select Your Special BETTER2GETHER 2-CAMERA Bundles

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Save over $50

Save $50. Select Your BETTER2GETHER Camera Bundles

Valentine’s Day promotion ends February 15 midnight EST.

Save over $50

Save $50. Select Your BETTER2GETHER Camera Bundles

 Valentine’s promotion ends February 15 midnight EST.

Save over $50


Intraoral Cameras

The intraoral camera that makes dentists smile. Not only because it starts at $299, but because it works better than cameras that cost many times more.

MouthWatch intraoral cameras are proven tools for improving patient engagement and boosting case acceptance rates.

Our intraoral cameras provide high-quality imaging at a price that makes it affordable to have a camera in every operatory.

Our intraoral cameras are recognized not just for being affordable, but for their ease of use and image quality. See example clinical images.

What Professionals Are Saying About Our Intraoral Cameras


“When I started seeing the images that this camera produced, I was blown away.

I now have 6 of them!”

– Dr. John Flucke, DENTIST, Minnesota



Teledentistry has the potential to connect more patients to care across a vast range of practice settings and approaches.

From public health to private practices, from interprofessional collaboration to medical/dental coordination – the opportunities to enhance all dental patient and provider experience is here.

Where TeleDent Works for You

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Public Health

Elder care
Rural areas
Screening programs

Group Practice

Innovative practice models
Enhanced collaboration
Off-site preventive
Intra-group specialist referrals
Screening programs

Private Practice

Off-site preventive
Pop-up dental
Mobile programs
Extended hygiene hours
Multi-practice supervision

Medical Dental

Family practice
Home health care
Hospitals/emergency rooms
Urgent care

Clinical Collaboration

Enhanced referrals
Lab collaboration
Care team coordination
Treatment planning
HIPAA-compliant messaging


Dental school curriculum
Peer review
Case evaluations
Virtual study clubs
Interdisciplinary education


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