Unlock Advanced TeleDentistry Solutions with TeleDent Professional

Providing the tools you need to best serve your patients and practice

TeleDent Professional offers a full suite of synchronous and asynchronous features. Capture detailed appointment imagery, share treatment plans, and assign tasks to coordinate in-depth care. Professional is a turnkey teledentistry one-stop shop for all size businesses.

Expanded Video Conferencing

Work in real-time with colleagues and patients across the country

  • Invite up to 10 participants to video conferences
  • Add additional webcams or intraoral cameras to video conferences to better diagnose
  • Record video streams and collect snapshots for later review

Multimedia Group Messaging

  • Message multiple providers and patients on group chats
  • Quickly connect with patients by recording video or audio messages

Do this all without leaving the chat.

With TeleDent Professional,

you can expand your use of remote consultations

Streamlined Workflows

  • Check Build and download treatment plans, including images, notes, and procedure codes
  • Check Add CDT Codes and set fees
  • Check Integrate intraoral cameras to capture imagery during appointments
  • Check Add images from video conferences right onto patient records

Improved Communication

  • Check Utilize unlimited provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient group channels
  • Check Explore multi-party and multi-camera video conferencing
  • Check Record video and audio messages
  • Check Capture real-time video and imagery, and add directly to the appointments
  • Check Update patient records with images from your browser

Robust Team Management

  • Check Manage tasks — add notes, control status, and set deadlines for your full team.
  • Check Customize account logo
  • Check Add and assign practice locations
  • Check Reach wider patient demographics with a second language Consent Policy

Ready to Upgrade?

  1. Login to teledent.mouthwatch.com as the Account Owner.
  2. Go to Admin Tools and find Plans & Usage.
  3. Select Professional and confirm.

Having Trouble? Contact a Customer Success Representative and they’ll be happy to assist.