An Intraoral Camera for the Most Demanding Patients

The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera has proven itself in the offices of thousands of dentists in the US. It’s a great veterinary dental imaging solution: affordable and easy to use with no lag image capture — for patients who don’t say, “Aah.”

Plug-and-play ease of use. And only $299.

Be up and running on the first day. You’ll never pay for software or support.

Every MouthWatch Intraoral Camera Includes:

  • 50 free camera sleeves
  • 1 year warranty
  • Integrated 6ft. USB cable
  • Button capture software for your imaging software
  • Unparalleled lifetime customer support
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Quick single button capture.

One quick, lag-free click on the capture button. No keyboard or mouse clicks involved.

Crystal clear INtraoral images.

Clearly illuminated diagnostic quality images with the press of a button.

Lightweight, ergonomic.

We’ve designed the camera to be incredibly light at just 31 grams.

Sharp, fixed focus.

Fixed focus lens means no manual focusing and no frustration with auto-focus hunting.

Easy to Integrate.

Guaranteed to work with your veterinary imaging software. 

Instant on.

No more waiting for your camera to warm-up. Start capturing images immediately.

Responsive lifetime customer support.

We’re available by live chat, phone, and email to resolve problems quickly.

Money-back Guarantee

Our 1 year warranty, 30 day no-risk satisfaction guarantee and lifetime technical support.

work with your systems

Works with Windows, Mac OS X, and even Android. Hassle-free USB connection. 

Make it easier to show owners what’s happening in their animal’s mouth.