Intraoral Cameras for Your Veterinary Practice

In today’s veterinary practice, leveraging technology is essential to provide the highest quality care. Intraoral cameras transform the way veterinarians diagnose, treat, and communicate with pet owners.

Find out how easy it is to integrate MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras into your practice:

Here’s why every veterinary practice consider should adding MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras to their workflow:

Precision in Diagnosis

MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras capture detailed, high-resolution images of a pet’s oral cavity, allowing for accurate diagnosis of dental issues, lesions, and abnormalities. These images help identify dental conditions early on, leading to more timely and effective treatments.

Education and Engagement

Intraoral photos offer visual evidence of a pet’s oral health, making it easier to explain conditions to pet owners. Pet owners who can see their pet’s dental issues are more likely to understand the importance of treatment and be more motivated to accept treatment recommendations.


Improved Communication and Collaboration

Intraoral images facilitate clear, visual communication between veterinarians, specialists, and clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Sharing images with colleagues for second opinions or referrals enhances collaboration and allows for more.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

Intraoral photos can be seamlessly integrated into electronic health records, simplifying record-keeping and ensuring essential visual information is readily accessible. These images also help with providing detailed documentation for insurance claims, reducing claim denials.


Retain and Attract New Clients

By adopting MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras, you’re demonstrating your commitment to providing the best, most comprehensive care possible for the pets you care for and distinguishing your practice as a leader in veterinary care.

Our Cameras:

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

$299 or less

One quick, lag-free click on the camera’s capture button saves intraoral photos straight to the patient’s chart. At only 31 grams, the MouthWatch’s ergonomic design is ready for everyday use with minimal strain. 

MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera

$1199 or less

The MouthWatch Plus+ is True 1080p HD, over the fast, hassle-free USB 3.0 integrated connection. And, the Plus+ streams live video at an industry leading 60 FPS (frames per second). That means being able to stream focused 1080p video without any blur.

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