introduction kit

Why Teledentistry?

Resources for talking to your dentist about why teledentistry should be on their short list of practice improvements.

Schedule them for a 15-minute introduction to teledentistry and optional demo of TeleDent by MouthWatch.

Conversation Starters

What Does Your Dentist Need to Know About Teledentistry?

A short list of teledentistry impacts for the whole practice and the whole team that your dentist may not be aware of.


In-Office Teledentistry

Teledentistry applications with the right platform are not limited to remote patient video consults. Important benefits can be achieved by using teledentistry with office workflows.


Teledentistry for Resilient Practices

Dr. Margaret Scarlett, practicing dentist and CDC consultant, discusses how teledentistry gives practices options and resilience to adapt and thrive.

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Pediatric Teledentistry

Pediatric Teledentistry

Pediatric Teledentistry for Patients and Guardians Teledentistry has been an important contributor in driving the post-pandemic recovery of dental practices by helping them evolve quickly from urgent care to full-service care. This is especially evident in pediatric...

Improving Efficiency with Teledentistry

Improving Efficiency with Teledentistry

Teledentistry has created innovating practice opportunities, enhancing the way we care for patients. Streamlining your practice to include teledentistry creates and efficient workflow for the benefit of both patients and dental providers

Integrating Medical and Dental Care with Teledentistry

Integrating Medical and Dental Care with Teledentistry

Have you ever thought about the opportunities teledentistry could provide when it comes to integrated care? We know teledentistry provides efficiency when it comes to the private and public sector of dentistry. It has been proven again and again, but what about integrated care? Healthcare providers recognize the correlation between oral and systemic health and the importance of integrating the two.