introduction kit

Why Teledentistry?

Resources for talking to your dentist about why teledentistry should be on their short list of practice improvements.

Schedule them for a 15-minute introduction to teledentistry and optional demo of TeleDent by MouthWatch.

Conversation Starters

What Does Your Dentist Need to Know About Teledentistry?

A short list of teledentistry impacts for the whole practice and the whole team that your dentist may not be aware of.


In-Office Teledentistry

Teledentistry applications with the right platform are not limited to remote patient video consults. Important benefits can be achieved by using teledentistry with office workflows.


Teledentistry for Resilient Practices

Dr. Margaret Scarlett, practicing dentist and CDC consultant, discusses how teledentistry gives practices options and resilience to adapt and thrive.

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2020: A Year of Change and Opportunity

Be Prepared, Stay Open

How prepared are you this time? When COVID-19 took over the world and the US halted dental care for a period of time dental practices were left to scramble to find a way to interact and provide care to patients. Teledentistry became the normal and offices were left trying to figure out how to maneuver the new climate of care.

FEMA and PPE Guidelines

FEMA and PPE Guidelines

PPE shortages continue to cause concern among the medical and dental communities. FEMA recently released updated practice guidelines with recommendations to "Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose" PPE and suggestions on how to implement standards. Dental offices nationwide...