Teledentistry and Community Impact

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3 Ways Dental Telehealth Can Change Lives

The Practice of Oral Health is Changing

Advancements in technology  drive change in dentistry. Teledentistry, for example, is an innovative and versatile technology that can be used by dental professionals to increase efficiency, reach, and impact with patients. What does teledentistry have to do with community impact?


Taking Oral Health Everywhere

Teledentistry enables dental professionals to expand reach by providing services in locations beyond traditional office settings; but how does teledentistry actually work?

How does Teledentistry  work?

Through modern communication and cloud-based workflows, including video conferencing, messaging and data sharing, teledentistry enables dental professionals to make access to dental care significantly more convenient and effective.

3 Ways Teledentistry makes a difference in communities

Helping mobile dentistry programs provide more patient benefit



Making mobile dentistry programs more effective


Integrating dental care into healthcare encounters


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Dental care providers in Texas are using mobile dentistry to increase access to oral health care services for children in schools, blending onsite screenings with asynchronous data sharing via teledentistry to the office location and DDS. The intraoral images captured and shared not only make screening programs more effective, but help families see treatment needs and get looped into care earlier.


According to the CDC, 34 million school hours are lost each year in the US because of oral health issues.

Helping mobile dentistry programs provide more patient benefit

84% of teledentistry patients had an in-person, post-teledentistry visit within the calendar year


Source: Achieving Real Results with Virtual Consultations; Advantage Dental (2022)

Kare Mobile, for example, is determined to lift the barriers for those out of range of a practicing dentist by enabling more providers to deliver mobile care that is enhanced with teledentistry. Patients in the mobile operatory can have a live evaluation with a remote dentist and discuss their treatment needs.


Making Mobile Dentistry Programs More Effective 

Nearly 9 in 10 patients (86%) said they were satisfied with their overall teledentistry experience.


Source: Advantage Dental

Skilled nurses at senior living centers, assisted living centers, or other eldercare facilities, equipped with teledentistry can help dental professionals remotely assess patients as well as help them provide oral health services on site with provider-to-provider consultations.

Integrating Dental Care Into Healthcare Encounters


93% of patients surveyed reported being able “to easily understand what the dentist told me about my concern.


Source: Advantage Dental


As technology advances, new ways of promoting oral care like mobile dentistry are evolving to meet the needs of patients and practitioners. Discover how MouthWatch can help enhance dental care delivery and operational efficiency - for the oral health benefit of the communities you serve.