Real dentistry via the cloud.

Provide patients a secure patient portal to access patient and exam data you share. Offer secure messaging so they can reach out to. Enable live video consultations for evaluations and assessments.

MouthWatch TeleDent does this and much more. See how you can launch turnkey teledentistry with a free 30 day trial with all features enabled and no limits on patients, storage or live video consults.


Turnkey Teledentistry with TeleDent

Serve Patients Anytime, Anywhere with TeleDent.

TeleDent gives you everything you need (except an internet connection) in order to incorporate teledentistry into your practice or dental program.

Free updates, affordable pricing and unlimited storage further help teledentistry work for your goals.

Secure Patient Messaging

Securely screen patients, offer clinical expertise and determine next steps on any device before scheduling an appointment.

Live Video Conferencing

Meet patients virtually, face-to-face using live recordable video and offer billable evaluations from any location.

Cloud Collaboration

Communicate and share diagnostic info with your team, specialists and your patients in a cloud based portal.

Dr. Brittany Kinol,
Miracle Dental, Pennsylvania.

“With TeleDent, we were already connecting to new patients in mobile settings. Now we can stay connected to our patients and their families while they can’t come into our office locations. Reassuring patients with live video has helped us evaluate emergencies and provide care instructions, even though the office is closed and I’m at home.”

Features Built for Dentists

Flexible consultations

Live streaming video consultations. Store and forward exam review. TeleDent enables remote treatment planning, supervision and collaboration in real-time and asynchronously at the provider’s convenience.

Patient and provider portal

Easily and securely share powerful visual treatment plans, images, videos and more that boost case acceptance and improve patient experience. Chat internally with your dental team as well from any device.

Efficient workflows

Quick data collection. Portability. Remote triage. Connecting patients to care in new settings with TeleDent means more efficient use of clinicians and access to new revenue.

Worry-free security

HIPAA-compliant, high-level encryption of patient data. Role based access controls. Automated secure backup. Best-in-class safeguards. Focus on your patients, not your IT department.

  • Live Streaming Visual Evaluations
  • Store and Forward Clinical Evaluations
  • Cloud-Based Treatment Planning
  • Patient Management
  • Provider Management
  • Practice and Team Management
  • Clinical Data Collection Tools
  • Provider to Provider Messaging
  • CDT Code Capture and Reporting
  • Image and Document Uploads
  • Custom Keyword Tagging for Records And Exams
  • Location Management
  • Enhanced Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing
  • Secure Radiograph Upload and Storage
  • Secure CAD/CAM Upload and Storage
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Health History and Medical Alert Management
  • Patient Portal
  • Unlimited Data Included With Each Provider License
  • Screening Forms and Data Collection
  • Intraoral Camera Integration
  • Encrypted Data In Transit and At Rest
  • Secure Document Storage

Here’s how the 30-day free trial works…


The free trial period is a full license of TeleDent per practice and includes all the functionality available. It also includes training and support for your whole user team.

When you click “Start Free Trial”, here’s what happens:

1. You’ll checkout at and not have to pay anything. Your subscription is free for the first 30 days and then $149 per month after that. If you cancel your subscription before the end of 30-days, you won’t be charged.

2. After your free trial subscription to TeleDent is completed at checkout, you’ll immediately receive a link to login to your TeleDent admin account and add any team users (up to 10). You’ll also receive links to schedule live training and to on-demand video training and other support resources.

3. You’ll now want to to start scheduling teledentistry appointments by letting your patients know about the new services on your website, via email and social posts. (You’ll receive a website integration guide along with your training and resource links.)

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