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A Comprehensive Virtual-First Care Solution

Dentistry.One helps increase access to oral health care for underserved populations, drive more efficient patient referrals for in-person dental visits, and bring virtual dental care to today’s patients through insurance plans, employer benefit packages, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), and healthcare systems.

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“Virtual-first oral healthcare is finally made complete with Dentistry.One. We create the opportunity for patients to get the care they need and deserve, when they need it, and for organizations supporting patient health to drive improved outcomes, lower costs, and an enhanced patient experience. Dentistry.One is the solution the world needs to connect more patients to care and materialize many of the benefits of medical and dental integration.”

Brant Herman, CEO and Founder, MouthWatch & Dentistry.One | MouthWatch, Metuchen, NJ

Dentistry.One features:

  • A nationwide network of on-demand dentists available for live and asynchronous video visits;
  • A dedicated team of Care Advisors for personalized care coordination of in-office dental visits and online oral health coaching;
  • A digital connection between dental and medical care using our proprietary software; and,
  • Benefits navigation to help patients more easily obtain care.



Dentistry.One is an ideal solution for helping to address current challenges across oral healthcare, such as dental team staffing shortages, access limitations, and improving whole patient outcomes.