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Deliver the benefits of teledentistry in your setting

TeleDent is more than telehealth software designed for dentistry. Bring our team of teledentistry specialists onboard to help your implementation drive success.

Teledentistry isn’t about replacing in-office procedures. It’s about making treatment visits and the patient journey more efficient, convenient and effective. Whether it’s reducing no-shows, shortening new patient lag time, creating more work/life balance for teams, or saving chair time for treatment, TeleDent’s flexible, powerful capabilities are ready for your innovation. Improve core metrics that matter to your organization across patient experience, team enablement, clinical outcomes, and efficient use of resources.

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A new growth tool for Group Practices / DSOs

Multi-location dental businesses are finding that TeleDent gives clinicians more tools for efficient workflows and improved patient experience.  Improve case acceptance, reduce cancellations, shorten new patient lag time, save chair time for treatment and drive same store growth,

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Integrate dental and medical care for your whole health approach

Many healthcare touchpoints will benefit from the easier integration of dental clinical expertise into their settings that TeleDent enables. Nursing homes, eldercare facilities, School-based Health Centers, and other healthcare touchpoints can use TeleDent to get patients dental care attention that drive better outcomes. The oral-systemic link also means healthcare needs to link to dental care.

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Do more, efficiently, at every healthcare touchpoint

FQHCs, health clinics, community health programs, and other public health programs need to provide as much benefit for their populations as possible as efficiently as possible. TeleDent enables dental clinical expertise to have positive impact at lower cost.

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Mobile dentistry is better when connected on the go

Give dentists an option for virtual supervision for mobile teams and use resources efficiently. Loop in specialists remotely. Share visual treatment plans to mobile program patients to enhance case acceptance or compliance. Coordinate between multiple site and mobile teams. Use TeleDent to shift post-op to virtual to stay as connected to mobile patients as in-office ones.

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Keep your patient base connected to your care

Your patients, your care, enhanced with telehealth. Acquire digitally savvy patients online with intake forms. Virtual initial evaluations allow in-office visits to be better prepped and to have lower cancellation rates. Or shift post-op check-ins to virtual to save chair time for treatment and maintain patient goodwill. Take intraoral photography during in-office visits and send visual treatment plans to patients at home for improved case acceptance.


Prepare the next generation of dental clinicians

Leading dental and hygiene schools offer teledentistry training via TeleDent combined with intraoral camera use to prepare students for providing connected care. In classroom settings and in school public clinics or outreach programs, educational programs enabled with TeleDent are creating the next wave of dental and oral health innovators.

What TeleDent users are saying

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“The staffing challenges are real, and they're across the industry, whether that be lack of dental assistants or dental hygienists and providers...without TeleDent, we would have patients who would be stuck. They wouldn't have any ability to have continuous care.”

Dr. Ed Coryell, Vice President of Clinical Affairs | Advantage Dental, Asheville, NC
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“What surprised me most about teledentistry is just how clear the images are and how well we're able to see things. We can instruct the hygienist to manipulate the camera in different ways so that we can truly, in conjunction with seeing the x-rays, get a clear picture of what that patient's needs are in advance of their comprehensive appointment.”

Dr. Kwane Watson, CEO and Founder | Kare Mobile Inc, Louisville, KY
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“I use TeleDent to communicate with other specialists to have conversations with patients, and create an integrated patient care point. That's key because specialists and dentists communicating together only helps the patient.”

Dr. Zeynep Barakat | 32 Dental Arts, San Diego, CA
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“When we met with Brant and the team, we felt confident that TeleDent was built for our needs. It had to be something that we could train the providers on quickly. Working with the TeleDent team, we were able to spin up a program that exactly fit our needs, and we continue to grow with it.”

Todd Cruse, President | Advantage Dental, Nashville, TN
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“Through teledentistry, we can offer effective preventative services. We can help prevent disease without the patient having to physically visit the office. If they need surgical services, then they can come to the office. Teledentistry, in my mind, is a really, really important part of the future.”

Dr. David Stewart | Stewart David M Dentistry, Soldotna, AK

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