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Why your next location should be virtual

See patients sooner, reduce no-shows, preserve chair time for production and provide clinicians with work/life balance options through teledentistry solutions for multi-location practices. Teledentistry with TeleDent offers multiple routes to improve patient convenience and drive metrics like same store sales growth.

A dentist performs an oral examination of a patient
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86% 86% of patients have stated they were satisfied with their overall teledentistry experience and would recommend to another person.

Use the leading teledentistry platform to stay a leader in the DSO/group practice market

As DSOs continue to grow market share, creating differentiation and finding a competitive edge becomes more crucial to business success. MouthWatch’s teledentistry software, TeleDent, helps hone a DSO’s competitive edge by providing the communications infrastructure to streamline business practices, optimize use of staff and resources, facilitate patient recruitment and retention, and increase patient satisfaction and outcomes. Communication among patients, DSO dentists and external providers is further enhanced through the “See. Show. Treat.” capabilities of MouthWatch’s intraoral cameras which integrate seamlessly as an option with TeleDent.

Meet consumer demand for telehealth options

TeleDent offers face-to-face connection, easy appointment scheduling, the ability to share clinical files and visual treatment plans, and consult asynchronously on treatments.

Find new operational efficiencies

Streamline workflow and collaboration across the patient journey with efficient communication and coordination of care with teledentistry software for group practices.

Increase patient acquisition and retention

Convenient telehealth options that reduce unnecessary in-office visits, also reduce no-shows and cancellations and improve the patient experience.

Save chair time for treatment

Enable more efficient production and increased volume of patients by reserving the chair for treatment through implementing virtual dentistry options.

Enable off-site opportunities

Cost effectively expand community outreach for your group practice with the convenience of teledentistry services for improved patient recruitment.

Reduce new patient lag time

Teledentistry enables quicker and more convenient post op evaluations and initial consultations with virtual visits.

Enhance provider job satisfaction

With teledentistry work/life flexibility, DSO owners and executives offer a competitive edge within the industry for new recruitment and retention.

Let us show you

Schedule a customized demo of TeleDent to see how teledentistry can scale to meet your group practice or DSO needs, and those of your patients.

The benefits of combining TeleDent and MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together for group practices to boost revenue, improve patient experience, and improve workflows.

A dental hygienist holding an intraoral camera

Share visual treatment plans

Enable your locations to send patients a visual treatment plan post-visit that leverages quality intraoral images. Improve case comprehension and therefore case acceptance. Schedule a TeleDent demo to see these capabilities in action.

Enhance community outreach

Hygienists equipped with MouthWatch cameras and connected to their location with TeleDent can (literally) capture a better picture of a remote patient’s oral health. Intraoral images and exam notes (which can be configured with your own custom templates to standardize patient interactions) can be shared with the office via TeleDent and with the patient or other stakeholders (guardians, parents, spouses) to close the loop on treatment. Let us show you how you can use TeleDent to make community outreach a more effective patient acquisition strategy.

Improve internal case coordination

TeleDent’s case management features and customizable user access settings combined with intraoral imaging with MouthWatch cameras are a powerful combination to help your teams across locations coordinate care. Reduce specialist office travel or use TeleDent for remote consultations within your organization for mentoring and QA. Talk with us about how this would be setup for your DSO or group.

Learn more about each MouthWatch solution

Adapting to a changing world for multi-location dental businesses with teledentistry

Teledentistry comes with a number of benefits, including enhanced patient management skills and the ability to collaborate with other specialists. Here are just a few of the many ways that teledentistry is changing the experience for professionals and patients.

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“The staffing challenges are real, and they're across the industry, whether that be lack of dental assistants or dental hygienists and providers...without TeleDent, we would have patients who would be stuck. They wouldn't have any ability to have continuous care.”

Dr. Ed Coryell, Vice President of Clinical Affairs | Advantage Dental, Asheville, NC
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“What surprised me most about teledentistry is just how clear the images are and how well we're able to see things. We can instruct the hygienist to manipulate the camera in different ways so that we can truly, in conjunction with seeing the x-rays, get a clear picture of what that patient's needs are in advance of their comprehensive appointment.”

Dr. Kwane Watson, CEO and Founder | Kare Mobile Inc, Louisville, KY
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“Through teledentistry, we can offer effective preventative services. We can help prevent disease without the patient having to physically visit the office. If they need surgical services, then they can come to the office. Teledentistry, in my mind, is a really, really important part of the future.”

Dr. David Stewart | Stewart David M Dentistry, Soldotna, AK
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“All children should get a caries risk assessment or an oral health evaluation at the earliest possible. And...we're able to give them an oral health evaluation using TeleDent.”

Todd Cruse, President | Advantage Dental, Nashville, TN

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Increasing value for dental support organizations and group practices

Build success and stay competitive in an ever-growing industry. Learn what teledentistry can encourage patient engagement and increase revenue.