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Prepare the next generation of dental clinicians to lead the field

To set dental students up for successful practices, they need to be familiar with technologies that meet patient expectations for care and convenience, and those that can create opportunities for deeper connections and expanded reach.

Dental students working on typodonts
Dental students using MouthWatch intraoral cameras on typodonts
23% Only 23 percent of dental students have teledentistry clinical experiences.

Include teledentistry in your curriculum to prepare dental students to be innovators

Introducing training in these technologies prepares students who are transitioning into practice to better serve patients, and opens their eyes to opportunities to grow their future practices. School run public clinics can also show how these technologies work with real patients.

Integration into dental workflows

Training in teledentistry prepares students to use them in future practices for patient benefit and success in dentistry.

Remote monitoring

Teledentistry allows remote dental professionals, for instance in dental subspecialties, to remotely mentor and support students.

Review case evaluations

As part of the curriculum, teledentistry with TeleDent gives students the opportunity to learn to asynchronously evaluate exam and clinical data and create visual treatment plans.

Virtual study club participation

Teledentistry allows students to participate in virtual study clubs at convenient times and places.

Interdisciplinary education

Through teledentistry, students can collaborate on cases with providers across the healthcare spectrum.

Developing a screenside manner

Help students prepare for both chairside and virtual patient interactions that will be part of the future landscape of providing dental and oral care.

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Key benefits of combining MouthWatch camera and teledentistry solutions for dental and hygiene schools

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together to fulfill key goals of dental education.

Dental students working on patients

Provide more learning opportunities

Dental schools can use TeleDent software combined with MouthWatch intraoral imaging to facilitate virtual study and learning, and as a tool to enhance the clinical training that is critical to readying students to enter the profession.

Enrich communications

Our intraoral cameras facilitate learning by providing high quality images that enhance communications between dental students and instructors, as well as between students and dental clinic patients.

Establish intraoral imaging and teledentistry as future best practices

Dental education is constantly moving the profession and best practices forward. Teledentistry and intraoral imaging will benefit patients and the industry when schools help students see their impact and how they work together.

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Schools are using MouthWatch solutions for their education goals

Leading dental and hygiene schools offer teledentistry training via TeleDent combined with intraoral camera use to prepare students for providing connected care. In classroom settings and in school public clinics or outreach programs, educational programs enabled with TeleDent are creating the next wave of dental and oral health innovators.

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“We've incorporated teledentistry [TeleDent] and intraoral cameras into our dental student curriculum for 380 students. For us, it was really important to get new technologies into this curriculum so that students were exposed to it, they were aware of it, and when they go out into their professional practice, they know when someone approaches them, or they're ready to start up a new program.”

Liz Best | NYU College of Dentistry, New York, NY

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Explore the benefits of teledentistry for students

Learning about teledentistry can help dental students develop competency in patient management skills, maximize patient satisfaction, and appropriately deliver virtual care.