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On the go care with TeleDent

Give dentists an option for virtual supervision for mobile teams and use resources efficiently. Loop in specialists remotely. Share visual treatment plans to mobile program patients to enhance case acceptance or compliance. Coordinate between multiple site and mobile teams. Use TeleDent to shift post-op to virtual to stay as connected to mobile patients as in-office ones.

Mobile dental treatment room with two practitioners

Mobile dentistry does more with TeleDent

Capture more clinical data anywhere

When using MouthWatch cameras, mobile teams can capture a better picture of the patient’s health that can be shared with TeleDent for remote evaluation/treatment planning.

Improve patient (and stakeholder) understanding

Send clinical data and custom visual treatment plans that help patients and other stakeholders understand disease conditions and treatment needs.

Optimize clinician utilization

A remote dentist can connect with and supervise mobile teams. Teledentistry maximizes use of the skills of dentists and specialists within a mobile program.

Simplify tracking of data

Consolidated tracking regarding teledentistry outreach supports successful grant proposals and renewals.

Reduce cancellations and no shows

A brief virtual face-to-face meeting prior to a mobile appointment can reduce no-shows and reduce anxiety while establishing rapport.

Make better use of each appointment

An initial virtual evaluation prior to a mobile dentistry appointment can make clinicians and patients better prepped for services.

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Key benefits of combining MouthWatch camera and teledentistry solutions

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together to support patient evaluations and treatment.

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Increase mobile care impact

Adding MouthWatch intraoral cameras to a TeleDent connected mobile care delivery service means capturing better clinical data, enabling more patient understanding, and giving stakeholders, such as parents, a clearer view of what care needs to happen.

Connect with remote dentists

By allowing dentists conduct evaluations and develop treatment plans remotely, intraoral cameras save time and money for patients and programs, and promote more efficient use of program resources.

Make better referrals from mobile outreach

Connect live with specialists or use TeleDent’s referral tools combined with helpful intraoral imaging captured by easy to use MouthWatch cameras to ensure patients get the treatment they need and reduce patient burden for followup.

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TeleDent making a difference in mobile dentistry

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“What surprised me most about teledentistry is just how clear the images are and how well we're able to see things. We can instruct the hygienist to manipulate the camera in different ways so that we can truly, in conjunction with seeing the x-rays, get a clear picture of what that patient's needs are in advance of their comprehensive appointment.”

Dr. Kwane Watson, CEO and Founder | Kare Mobile Inc, Louisville, KY
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“Teledentistry and mobile dentistry go hand in hand. It's essential for us to use teledentistry in order for our hygienist to be able to provide services more cost-effectively. It allows our providers to see what's going on in our patients' mouths before we send them out to provide the services.”

Dr. Kwane Watson, CEO and Founder | Kare Mobile Inc, Louisville, KY
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“Our patients see teledentistry as just a wow type of factor. In our vans, we actually have TVs that allow them to see the doctor and see their images at the same time. It allows them to feel like that doctor's right there providing these examinations while they're being seen by the hygienist on the van. So far, the customer experience has been great for the patient.”

Dr. Kwane Watson, CEO and Founder | Kare Mobile Inc, Louisville, KY

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