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Keep your patients connected to your care

Your patients, your care, enhanced with telehealth. Acquire digitally savvy patients online with intake forms. Virtual initial evaluations allow in-office visits to be better prepped and to have lower cancellation rates. Or shift post-op check-ins to virtual to save chair time for treatment and maintain patient goodwill. Take intraoral photography during in-office visits and send visual treatment plans to patients at home for improved case acceptance.

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70% Virtual visits are 70% less expensive in overhead for practices to deliver than in-office visits.

Expanding patient care options means more treatment opportunities

Through TeleDent’s consolidated communications, dental clinicians can digitally streamline coordination of care. Find cost savings while improving patient convenience at the same time. Meet patient expectations for telehealth options and make better use of chair time and staff resources, including your own time as the dentist!

Attract and retain patients

Drive new patient acquisition and retention as a dental practice offering the convenience of virtual care.

Optimize in-office visits

Shift post-op visits or initial evaluations to virtual. Save chair time for procedures with virtual visits enabling efficient in-office care, reduced cancellations and increased opportunity to expand care volume.

Make referrals that work better

With referral drop rates near 40%, private practices need a better solution. Streamline collaboration with specialists, stay in the loop, and reduce the burden on patients to complete referral appointments.

Create the best form of marketing: personal contact

Supervised remotely by a TeleDent connected dentist, team members can provide screenings that also capture clinical data for later evaluation using MouthWatch cameras.

Improve case acceptance

Send custom visual treatment plans that help patients and stakeholders understand the need for procedures and increase case acceptance rates.

Improve chair time ROI

Improve overhead by shifting initial consultations and post-op follow ups to virtual visits for more productive chair time that’s reserved for treatment.

See TeleDent in action for yourself

The benefits of combining TeleDent and MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together to improve the patient experience and boost case acceptance.

A dental hygienist holding a MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

Help all stakeholders get on board for treatment needs

Digitally send patients a visual treatment plan post-visit that leverages quality intraoral image from MouthWatch cameras. Improve case comprehension by all parties and therefore case acceptance.

Improve care coordination

TeleDent’s case management features and customizable user access settings combined with intraoral imaging with MouthWatch cameras are a powerful combination to help your team coordinate care with specialists.

Community outreach that works

Hygienists equipped with MouthWatch cameras and connected to their dentist with TeleDent can (literally) capture a better picture of a remote patient’s oral health. Intraoral images and exam notes can be shared with the office via TeleDent. A visual treatment report built in and shared through TeleDentwith the patient or other stakeholders (guardians, parents, spouses) helps close the loop on treatment.

Learn more about MouthWatch teledentistry and intraoral imaging solutions

Driving practice growth with teledentistry

Teledentistry technology in dentistry comes with a number of benefits, including enhanced patient management skills and the ability to collaborate with other specialists. Here are just a few of the many ways that teledentistry is changing the experience for both professionals and patients.  

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“Through teledentistry, we can offer effective preventative services. We can help prevent disease without the patient having to physically visit the office. If they need surgical services, then they can come to the office. Teledentistry, in my mind, is a really, really important part of the future.”

Dr. David Stewart | Stewart David M Dentistry, Soldotna, AK
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“TeleDent allows a prescriptive way for hygienists and assistants to intake patients, do the assessments, take the proper radiographs, take the proper digital photographs, and have those sent to the remote dentist who can then do their exam asynchronously.”

Dr. Ed Coryell, Vice President of Clinical Affairs | Advantage Dental, Asheville, NC
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“If you really want to connect with people, dollar for dollar you're not going to get anything even close to the value you get from an intraoral camera and teledentistry. Compared to any other type of marketing you're going to do.”

Dr. Paul Labbe | Planet Dental, TX
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“I use TeleDent to communicate with other specialists to have conversations with patients, and create an integrated patient care point. That's key because specialists and dentists communicating together only helps the patient.”

Dr. Zeynep Barakat | 32 Dental Arts, San Diego, CA

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Increase profitability and drive patient growth by combining our high-quality intraoral cameras with the convenience of TeleDent software.