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Enhance the impact of public health programs with teledentistry

Increase access to oral health care and improve outcomes for underserved populations through enhanced professional communication, patient experience and remote visit options with TeleDent.

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88% 88 percent of dentists have identified teledentistry as being useful in improving access to oral health care.

Drive increased access and impact without increased costs or staff

MouthWatch’s teledentistry software reduces costs and boosts the impact of oral care in public health settings. It enables hygienists and nurses to screen patients in the field, while retaining access to dentist evaluations and treatment plans through live or asynchronous input. Public health programs that adopt virtual oral health screenings can identify problems before they lead to patient discomfort, greater treatment expense or other health complications. Additionally, they can effectively serve more hard-to-reach areas such as schools, senior facilities and rural and HPSA populations.

Move dentistry into the community

Used in conjunction with intraoral cameras, teledentistry allows more effective screenings to be conducted anywhere

Improve patient outcomes

The convenience of remote locations promotes better care and enhanced compliance, leading to better outcomes

Optimize clinician utilization

Teledentistry maximizes use of the skills of dentists and specialists within a program network

Simplify tracking of data

Consolidated tracking regarding teledentistry outreach supports successful grant proposals and renewals

Leverage medical or healthcare screenings

Use of intraoral cameras can be integrated into medical screenings, making the most of the patient encounter

Help patients (and other stakeholders) understand

Intraoral images captured with optional integrated MouthWatch intraoral cameras mean patients (or their guardians, parents, spouses) will better understand treatment and care needs

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Key benefits of combining MouthWatch camera and teledentistry solutions

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together or separately by providers in the field to support patient evaluations and treatment

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Increase program impact

Teledentistry software increases the impact of public health programs by delivering care to patients wherever they are and by facilitating education, monitoring and intra-professional collaborations.

Facilitate remote care

By allowing dentists conduct evaluations and develop treatment plans remotely,intraoral cameras save time and money for patients and programs, and promote more efficient use of program resources.

Provide a tandem solution

TeleDent software and intraoral cameras can be used together for an optimal screening experience.

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TeleDent making a difference in communities

Teledentistry comes with a number of benefits, including enhanced patient management skills and the ability to collaborate with other specialists. Here are just a few of the many ways that teledentistry is changing the experience for students, professionals, and patients. 

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“We were able to very quickly pivot from only providing asynchronous telehealth to offering both synchronous and asynchronous teledentistry options to our patients to serve their needs and keep in touch.”

Yogita Butani Thakur DDS, MS | Ravenswood Family Health Center, East Palo Alto, CA
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“TeleDent has taken us to the next level and I consider it one of the greatest benefits we offer to the kids because it truly connects patients with a provider rather than just being “dropped” after their hygiene appointment. That’s one of the major arguments against independent hygiene programs is that patients get preventive help but not restorative which is ultimately the most critical care needed. MouthWatch is the answer to that missing link between the independent hygienist and the dentist. We Love it!”

MiQuel McRae, RDH | Tooth B.U.D.D.S., AZ
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“Teledentistry really has a key role to play in addressing patient's needs in a meaningful patient centered way.”

Yogita Butani Thakur DDS, MS | Ravenswood Family Health Center, East Palo Alto, CA

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