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This Is Your Blog!
A Case Study in Using Innovation (and TeleDent) to Drive Practice Growth

Welcome to the MouthWatch blog.

The name makes perfect sense because it is after all, part of our recently updated MouthWatch web site. But our intent is to blog with you rather than blog at you.

How will we accomplish this? By ensuring that the blog posts originate from real people instead of the all too common ‚”corporate logo speaks‚” variety of blog.

So, what can you expect from this blog? How about insight, opinions, trends, case studies, and tips from members of the MouthWatch Team and a range of KOLS and dental industry insiders.

Blog topics will include digital imaging, patient communications, teledentistry, practice building, access to care, insurance coding, interdisciplinary collaboration, team building, new business models and much more.

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog, contact us to receive our editorial guidelines. In the meantime, please bookmark this blog and check back often to read and comment on new posts.

Questions? We have answers.

Learn more about MouthWatch cameras and accessories or schedule a personalized demo to learn more about custom deployment, support, and integration options for TeleDent software.