Exceed Patient Expectations

Leverage the advantages of secure clinical communications across the whole patient journey with TeleDent.

All The Benefits of Telehealth, Delivered for Dental Care

TeleDent is a complete teledentistry platform—built from the ground up for dental professionals and their patients.

Save time and attract new patients with reimbursed virtual consults
Dramatically improve chair time efficiency
Provide secure, reimbursable, evaluations conveniently
Improve outcomes with remote monitoring
Efficiently collaborate with your team and other providers

"I use TeleDent to communicate with other specialists, to have conversations with patients, and create an integrated patient care point. That’s key because specialists and dentists communicating together only helps the patient."

Dr. Zeynep Barakat, TeleDent user

"If you really want to connect with people, dollar for dollar you're not going to get anything even close to the value you get from an intraoral camera and teledentistry. Compared to any other type of marketing you're going to do."

Dr. Paul Labbe, TeleDent user

"Through teledentistry, we can do preventative services. We can help prevent disease where the patient is at. If they need surgical services, then they can come to the office… Teledentistry, in my mind, is a really, really important part of the future."

Dr. David Stewart, TeleDent user

"Our students love teledentistry. They're really excited to have this hands-on experience with a new technology. We've been using the TeleDent platform for our clinical case studies. It's really a great experience for those dental students to see that there is something out there that they can jump on and begin using right away, not something that they have to build from the ground up."

Liz Best, NYU Dental School

Provide More than Expected with TeleDent

Consolidated Clinical Communications

With TeleDent conversations between participants, including messaging, photo sharing, clinical files, clinical images, audio recordings, video recordings, live videos, and care documents such as visual treatment plans can all be found in a single searchable communication thread.

  • Patients get the convenience they desire, while providers have more effective communication tools.
  • Provide a single, secure place patients go for all teledentistry communications
  • Create and send compelling, easy to understand visual treatment plans
  • Securely share clinical images and files
  • Easily pivot between messaging and live video

Mobile Friendly for Patients and Providers

Patients and providers can use TeleDent across devices, wherever they have a modern browser.

  • Be the dental care icon on the patient’s phone
  • Register patients via SMS, no email required
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Patients and providers can opt-in to SMS notifications
  • One click virtual consults that work on mobile phones

Clinically-Smart Virtual Consults

Easily initiate multi-party video calls within TeleDent. Share screens, change video layouts and custom arrange participant video tiles.

  • Add to and Share Patient Record
    Store images, videos, notes, tooth numbers and more in a patient record. Use it all to send back a visual treatment plan to the patient.
  • Remote Intraoral Camera Capability
    Use TeleDent’s multi-camera capabilities to share intraoral images and videos with provider or team member at a remote patient site.

Dental Professional Workflows

  • Create Appointments
    Quickly create patient appointments in TeleDent and then see all appointments and filter views as needed.
  • Personal Dashboard
    Your view of TeleDent tasks and appointments. Easily access “quick create” functions.
  • Set & Filter by Care Task Priorities
    Work the way you need. Assign priorities to care tasks and see views based on priorities so that the most important thing is done next.
  • Provider assignment to practices/locations.
    Map your organizational structure and manage access to patient data as you need.


Current integrations with more in development

Dentrix Integrates with TeleDent
Opendental integrates with TeleDent

+ Custom EHR Integration Options

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