Grasp and Imaging Techniques for Intraoral Cameras

Video #2 in the MouthWatch Quick Video Training Series for Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras aren’t covered in all dental school or hygiene department curriculums. (We’re helping to change that by introducing intraoral cameras into more schools.) We wanted to ensure that every dental professional got the most from their use of the MouthWatch camera. Every MouthWatch intraoral camera buyer receives a series of videos in their customer welcome onboarding. The videos cover step-by-step intstructions for setting up the camera and integrating with imaging software, care and cleaning best practices, and imaging and grasp techniques.

In this video, # 2 in the series, you’ll see examples of:

  • Fulcruming on opposite arch
  • Fulcruming on thumb
  • Stabilization techniques
  • 12 O’clock two-handed grasp
  • Retraction with camera
  • And more


Have a different intraoral camera? Our grasp and imaging techniques video will still be a valuable learning resource for you.

MouthWatch customer looking for set up and integration help with your intraoral camera? See the Getting Started resources at or for knowledge-base articles and live chat support, head over to

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