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Our dedicated and passionate team thinks about dental care, intraoral cameras, teledentistry and innovative practice models way more than is normal.

Don’t worry. We’re into other stuff too.

Brant Herman - Founder & CEO

Robert Bellhouse - COO

Jerry Herman - Founder

Jay Martorelli

Director of Sales

Eden Ivie, RDH PHDHP

Director of Client Success

Jason Isla

chief technology officer

Michael Lommel

Digital Marketing manager

Chris Miano

Product Manager

Tim Santoro

Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Liggins

technical support

Jack Salazar

technical support

Louis Nazaire


MouthWatch Clinical Advisors

Dr. Brittany Kinol

Clinical Advisor

Dr. nathan Suter

Clinical Advisor

Dr. scott Howell

Clinical Advisor

Staci Stout, RDH

Clinical Advisor

Amber Lovatos, RDH

Clinical Advisor