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BEST for Dentistry

Proven MouthWatch solutions that help you deliver care—now with BEST for Dentistry savings.

MouthWatch solutions all share a common vision: make successful dental care easier to achieve. Our intraoral cameras and teledentistry platform, TeleDent, are found in over 35,000 private practices, across leading and emerging DSOs, and in university, public health and government settings. We’re pleased to be offering BEST for Dentistry members four unique offers you’ll find detailed below, plus free shipping on orders over $150.

Get free shipping on all orders over $150 with code BFD-SHIP

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See. Show. Treat. Repeat. Only $265 per Operatory.

We’ve created the intraoral camera that’s simple for every team member to use to capture high-quality intraoral images that help practices succeed and grow

One quick, lag-free click on the camera’s capture button saves intraoral photos straight to the patient’s chart. No keyboard or mouse clicks needed. 

Seamless integration with all major imaging software is guaranteed with over 50 suites supported.

At only 1 ounce, the MouthWatch’s ergonomic design is ready for everyday use with minimal ergonomic strain. 

Reduce insurance claim problems, improve documentation and see better case acceptance across all your operatories with your BEST for Dentistry offer + additional multi-camera discounts, making it easy to set every chair up for intraoral imaging success.

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

$265 BEST Price

For Single Camera Purchases, Use Coupon Code: BFD-CAM

For Multi-Camera Purchases, Use Coupon Code: BFD-MULTICAM

For Free Shipping, Use Coupon Code: BFD-SHIP

See What a Plus+ Will Add to Your Practice

The MouthWatch Plus+ is True 1080p HD, capturing 2,073,600 pixels in true anatomical color over the fast, hassle-free USB 3.0 attached cable. And, the Plus+ streams live video at an industry leading 60 FPS (frames per second). That means being able to stream focused 1080p video without any blur. See what a Plus+ will add to your practice.

$1099 BEST Price

For MouthWatch Plus+ Camera Purchases, Use Coupon Code: BFD-PLUSCAM

For Free Shipping, Use Coupon Code: BFD-SHIP

Clinicians Share How MouthWatch Cameras Make a Difference

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“This camera is a no brainer. This camera lets patients see the problem and are amazed when they're shown the photos. It is also invaluable in my ability to educate the patient and help them understand their need for our service.”

Dr. Kurt Gibson | Gibson & Bartholomew Dentistry, Winston-Salem, NC
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“We have one in every operatory. They’re extremely easy to use, very affordable, and are great for improving case comprehension and case acceptance.”

Dr. Elizabeth DiBona | DiBona Dental Group, Exeter, NH
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“Heartland Dental has been a long-term user of MouthWatch intraoral cameras. The product is high-quality, affordable and most importantly supports world-class patient care and experiences. With a software agnostic tool such as this, Heartland supported doctors can ensure they're getting a quality product without any compatibility concerns or complications. The cameras work seamlessly.”

Dr. Robert B. Mongrain | Heartland Dental, Effingham, IL

MouthWatch Accessories

10% Off MouthWatch Accessories

For your new cameras, get MouthWatch OptiClear™ sleeves, MouthWatch desk mounts and wall brackets at 10% off.

For All Accessory Purchases, Use Coupon Code: BFD-EXTRAS

For Free Shipping on Orders Over $150, Use Coupon Code: BFD-SHIP

MouthWatch Savings Bundle

MouthWatch Savings Bundle $409

Get everything you need to make using your intraoral camera as convenient as possible with the MouthWatch Savings Bundle. Priced individually, this bundle would cost $467.

With your member-exclusive BEST for Dentistry deal, the cost is only $409 per Bundle.

Each bundle includes:

1x MouthWatch Intraoral Camera
1x MouthWatch Camera Wall Bracket
1x OptiClear™ 500 Pack Camera Sleeves

For All Savings Bundle Purchases, Use Coupon Code: BFD-BUNDLE

For Free Shipping, Use Coupon Code: BFD-SHIP

All TeleDent Plans 5% OFF for BEST for Dentistry Members

TeleDent Multiple Devices

Teledentistry is for Root Canals

No, you won’t be using a remote robot to deliver a root canal, or guiding a patient on a DIY root canal at home!

You can use teledentistry with TeleDent to deliver procedures more efficiently at your practice, and more conveniently for the patient. 

Here’s a few of the ways that can look:

1. Shortening the journey to treatment by identifying inflammation and infection pre-treatment

How often has a patient come to the office and they need an antibiotic prescription to reduce inflammation and infection before you can take the next step? They’ve made a trip and you’ve used staff time, valuable chair time, and had possible room turnover and PPE costs.

How does TeleDent help?
Inflammation and infections can in many cases be triaged on a virtual appointment and a prescription delivered, while you schedule them for their now better prepped in-office appointment.

2. Post-op Check-ins

How many post-op check-ins have you provided that have taken chair time that could have been used for treatment? Nine times out of ten a post op is only a visual inspection to evaluate healing, which can be successfully accomplished virtually. The patient has made a trip and needed to arrange child-care or time off work, and again, you have the overhead of an in-office visit for a non-productive appointment. 

How does TeleDent help?
Schedule a TeleDent appointment and preserve goodwill while preserving chair time for treatment needs and enhancing patient convenience.

3. Better Communication for Better Case Acceptance

Could your case acceptance rate improve, especially for high-end cases? Including the decision makers in treatment consultations with visually compelling plans increases the likelihood the value of treatment is expressed and understood, ultimately increasing acceptance.

How does TeleDent help?
With intraoral images, radiographs and other clinical data included in a visual treatment plan built in TeleDent, they have the information they need in a way they will understand. 

Plus, you can then schedule a virtual appointment to go over the treatment plan with their spouse or other stakeholder from their home without requiring a trip to the office. 

Providers Share How TeleDent Makes a Difference

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“Through teledentistry, we can offer effective preventative services. We can help prevent disease without the patient having to physically visit the office. If they need surgical services, then they can come to the office. Teledentistry, in my mind, is a really, really important part of the future.”

Dr. David Stewart | Stewart David M Dentistry, Soldotna, AK
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“Why TeleDent? Having a teledentistry platform that was user-friendly for both the patient and for the practices and included support from the vendor was very important to us.”

Jacqueline Melroe, Vice President of Operations | Advantage Dental, Nashville, TN

Virtual Dentistry, Real Benefits

The increased patient convenience you deliver with TeleDent will translate into greater patient loyalty, satisfaction, and new patient acquisition. The greater efficiency of shifting appropriate appointments to virtual translates into less cost of delivery while doing more dentistry.

An exclusive offer for BEST for Dentistry members

BEST for Dentistry members can take advantage of the first time we have offered a discount across all TeleDent plans. Simply schedule your personalized demo below first.

Let us show you

Don’t decide now. Schedule a conversation and demo of our platform with a MouthWatch teledentistry specialist. Tell us about your unique set of goals. Learn about the options available and get your questions answered about how virtual dental appointments—and the many more telehealth capabilities of TeleDent—can drive real differences for your patients, doctors, and dental business. If you are a multi-location organization, we can share examples of how TeleDent can scale across locations to deliver even more benefits. 

Need Order Help?

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