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Frequently Asked Questions

With answers!

MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras

Can I return a MouthWatch camera if not completely satisified?

Yes. We offer a no-risk, satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from the date of receipt. If you’re not happy for any reason, let us know. We’ll issue a return shipping label and refund. Any orders returned after 30 days will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Do I need to manually adjust the focus of the camera?

No. The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera has a fixed focal distance of 4mm – 45mm, which is optimal for detailed imagery of one or several teeth, Because of its small size and close focusing range, the MouthWatch camera can easily capture images of rear molars as well

How are orders shipped?

The cost of shipping is displayed during checkout. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We ship to the United States and Internationally.

Will this integrate easily with my imaging software?

Yes. MouthWatch intraoral cameras will directly integrate with almost all dental imaging programs, allowing photographs to be captured and stored, directly in the patient record alongside x-rays. Your cameras will come with step-by-step setup instructions that can typically be completed in 5 minutes or less. If you need support, your cameras include free integration support with our tech team.

MouthWatch Plus+

Do I need to update my capture software if I already own a MouthWatch Intraoral Camera?

Yes. If you have previously owned a MouthWatch Intraoral Camera, you will want to upgrade your button capture software to the latest version for use with the Plus+. For convenience, the MouthWatch and the MouthWatch Plus+ intraoral cameras will both work with the latest version of our button capture software.

Does the Plus+ come with a free warranty?

Yes. The Plus+ comes with a free 2-year warranty. The warranty covers defects but not damage caused by misuse or improper treatment of the camera. However, if you have any issues with your camera, please contact us. You will need the serial number of your camera for warranty support. The serial number is found on the identifier tag attached permanently to the USB cord of the camera.

Does the Plus+ require a USB 3.0 connection?

Yes. The MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera is designed to work with USB 3.0. 1080p HD imaging and 60 FPS video streaming require USB 3.0 connectivity. When connected to USB 2.x ports, the Plus+ will function, but at a lower resolution.

How are orders shipped?

The cost of shipping is displayed during checkout. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We ship to the United States and Internationally.

What are some examples of how to best use the camera for my practice?

Our customers report that using an intraoral camera during appointments boosts case acceptance because patients see the need for treatment with their own eyes and are more likely to accept treatment recommendations. The highly detailed 1080p HD images from our Plus+ can be displayed on large monitors and the detailed images can reveal conditions that might otherwise be more difficult to see.

Intraoral images also encourage patient compliance by showing patients before and after images of treatment and can be used to document milestones in patients’ at-home care.

Dental practices often use intraoral cameras to document insurance claims, for example with conditions that do not always show up clearly on x-rays.

Will buttons on the camera take a snapshot?

Yes. Plus+ cameras include free button capture software that is easy to install. The MouthWatch button capture software allows a single press of either capture button to take a snapshot and save it directly into your imaging software without the need for a mouse or foot pedal. The capture buttons (one on the top and one on the bottom) have a raised center to make them easy to locate and operate.


Are insurance companies reimbursing for teledentistry?

Many are. We have seen many of the largest insurance companies including teledentistry as a reimbursable CDT code.

Can I capture images during a consult?

Yes. You can remotely capture images through the patient’s device. These images will then become part of the patient record.

Does my location/practice have to be a certain size to benefit from TeleDent?

No. TeleDent is utilized by private practices, group practices, large multi-location practices, and even dental education institutions.

Is TeleDent secure?

Yes. TeleDent is encrypted, password protected, and secure to ensure PHI protection.

What does a live video consultation look like?

During a live video consultation, the provider initiates the session. When completing a video call with a patient the HIPAA-compliant TeleDent software will turn on the webcam. You have the ability to capture still images, screen share, and record the session as part of the patient record. You can simply add the intraoral camera so that the reviewing provider can see intraoral images as well as the webcam. When consulting with another provider you will be able to screen share from either computer – perfect for case review, treatment planning, and more.

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