Experienced endodontist discusses his use of MouthWatch intraoral cameras

We really appreciate when clinicians take the time and effort to tell us about how they use their MouthWatch intraoral cameras.

Dr. Bruce Seidberg, an endodontist in New York, sent us a detailed clinical appraisal of the MouthWatch intraoral camera and how he uses it in his practice, together with images.

Dr. Seidberg using camera with patient.

Dr. Seidberg relates that he uses the camera in his endodontic practice to:

  • Demonstrate crown and root fractures to patients
  • Send images to referring dentists
  • Show images in lectures

Dr. Seidberg’s appraisal also included a few comparison of MouthWatch images with images from his previous, much more expensive cameras.

“I have owned and tried several different intraoral cameras that have been marketed, but this one is by far the best.”

Dr. Seidberg is a Dexis user, as are many MouthWatch camera owners. Since our ease of integration with Dexis, Eaglesoft, and every other imaging suite is a key feature we’ve developed, we we’re glad to hear from Dr. Seidberg that:

“I use Dexis and it was a seamless integration.”

Educating patients with side by side x-ray and photo of their clinical issue.

Dr. Seidberg’s full letter:

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