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MouthWatch at Greater New York Dental Meeting 2022
MouthWatch at Greater New York Dental Meeting 2022

Although cold and cloudy outside the Javits Center, the Greater New York Dental Meeting’s 98th annual event shined a light on companies shaping the future of dentistry and oral health. The event brought more than 33,000 attendees from 162 countries together for six days of hands-on workshops, seminars, and interactive booths on the expansive exhibit floor at the Javits Center in Manhattan.

With the world moving towards a post-pandemic future, the floor was packed with over 10,000 more attendees than last year’s event. Many dental professionals and students have been patiently waiting out the pandemic to get hands-on with our intraoral cameras. Attendees tested our standard and Plus+ intraoral cameras on typodont models as well as real mouths, with our team members volunteering to demo the real-world uses and experience. Visitors also had the chance to learn about and demo our teledentistry platform, TeleDent. Throughout Sunday and Monday, attendees took advantage of our Cyber Monday special and set their practices up for intraoral imaging success with premade and customizable MouthWatch intraoral camera bundles.

After Monday’s show, the MouthWatch team and awardees attended the 5th annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards (The Tellies). The event celebrated dentists, dental hygienists, dental care programs, and educational institutions that are shaping best practices, creating new approaches, and making teledentistry work for real world benefits. Read more about the 2022 Tellie winners here.

Here are a few more takeaways from our time at GNYDM 2022:

Improving the dental patient experience is as relevant as ever. Dental professionals new to intraoral camera use quickly recognized the confidence-inspiring effects intraoral cameras can have on patients after testing out our cameras. An attendee that stopped by our booth shared her first experience as a patient with intraoral cameras. During the first visit with her new dentist, she was told that tooth decay was present on one of her back molars. Her new dentist used a MouthWatch intraoral camera and presented the area of concern on his monitor. A few clear images boosted her confidence in the diagnosis and, crucially, made her more trusting of the dentist she had met just 20 minutes prior.

Many seminar participants and curious dental professionals stopped by the MouthWatch booth to learn what teledentistry exactly is and how TeleDent can foster an efficient workflow for patients and providers alike. An increasing number of practices are beginning to recognize the improved patient outcomes and experiences teledentistry offers their patients whether that’s by saving trips to the office, reducing new patient lag time or preserving chair time for treatment needs.

In addition to providing a space to connect with attendees, GNYDM included CE courses designed to grow awareness of oral health accessibility issues that plague underserved communities and populations across the globe. Seminars like Dr. Steven Perlman’s, which focused on increasing oral health accessibility to individuals with disabilities, are becoming more common every year. 

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to connect with us and make MouthWatch part of their GNYDM experience. It was great hearing all the positive feedback from MouthWatch Intraoral Camera and TeleDent users and learning about how our products have transformed your practices. We look forward to seeing you all next year at GNYDM 2023!

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