Teledentistry is helping seniors live better lives.

Teledentistry is widening the circle of dental care

Teledentistry is creating care teams for better referrals.

Teledentistry is
letting kids learn

Teledentistry is growing dental practices
—without adding more chairs.

Teledentistry is connecting oral health with overall health

Teledentistry is creating new opportunities for Group Practices

What Is Teledentistry?

It’s how dentistry meets the challenge of greater efficiency, reach, and impact
by connecting care providers at the point of care.

From Private Practice to Public Health…

Teledentistry creates opportunities by allowing all the players in the dental care matrix to communicate and collaborate remotely across every step of a patient’s dental health journey.

Explore what teledentistry can look like in multiple scenarios.

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Two Key Modes of Teledentistry

Live | Synchronous

Live stream of data or video conferencing connects providers: provider with the patient and a remote provider, a dentist, specialist or in some cases other care provider.

Store and Forward | Asynchronous

The on-site provider captures patient and exam data that can be batched, assigned, and triaged. Further, it works in the other direction: a dentist can send a treatment plan / recommendations to the remote provider and patient.

Connected Care Benefits Everyone

Hygienists can now perform offsite preventive care or screenings, meeting patients where they are: schools, nursing homes, pop-up clinics—anywhere, any time of day. Then they beam clinical paperwork and dental imagery back to the dentist.

Dentists can decide if patients need additional care, and the hygienist can set up a follow-up appointment right there on the spot. This way, dentists can stay back at home base, performing the kind of care that they alone can provide.

Specialists can go beyond hoping their referring dentists share their business card by making seamless, instant referrals and follow-up appointments.

 Patient documentation and imaging lives in one secure place, accessible for sharing and coordination between dentists and specialists. Everyone’s on the same page.

DSOs can now maintain quality control and optimize productivity as they expand by introducing remote mentorship and virtual site visits, which allow managers to check in easily with multiple partner practices for training and evaluations.

Providers can connect with new patient touchpoints, such as external providers like pediatricians, physicians and skilled nursing facilities.

Explore Further

Learn about some of the ways teledentistry helps dentists to offer smarter care.

Public Health

Elder care
Rural areas
Screening programs

Group Practice

Innovative practice models
Enhanced collaboration
Off-site preventive
Intra-group specialist referrals
Screening programs

Private Practice

Off-site preventive
Pop-up dental
Mobile programs
Extended hygiene hours
Multi-practice supervision

Medical Dental

Family practice
Home health care
Hospitals/emergency rooms
Urgent care

Clinical Collaboration

Enhanced referrals
Lab collaboration
Care team coordination
Treatment planning
HIPAA-compliant messaging


Dental school curriculum
Peer review
Case evaluations
Virtual study clubs
Interdisciplinary education