MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera

A Game Changing HD Intraoral Camera at a Winning Price.

bright LEDs of the MouthWatch Plus+


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Multi-Camera Savings
Price per camera is $1099 when ordering 2 or more. Save $100 per camera.

See What a Plus+ Will Add to Your Practice

There’s no need to spend $2000-$5000 for an HD intraoral camera with performance features like adjustable LED lighting. In fact, some of the brand-name cameras in that price range don’t operate at true HD resolutions, but only at a mere 720p. The MouthWatch Plus+ is True 1080p HD, capturing 2,073,600 pixels in true anatomical color over the fast, hassle-free USB 3.0 attached cable. And, the Plus+ streams live video at an industry leading 60 FPS (frames per second). That means being able to stream focused 1080p video without any blur. See what a Plus+ will add to your practice. 

Every MouthWatch Plus+ purchase includes:

  • MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera
  • Integrated USB 3.0 connectivity with attached cable
  • 100 OptiClear™ intraoral camera sleeves
  • Extended 2 year warranty
  • Complimentary, lifetime technical support
  • Plug and play 5-minute integration. Live agent support if needed.
  • Camera button-capture software
  • Training and best practices resources
  • A 60-day, 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee
Capture True
1080p HD images
Fast, blur-free
60 FPS video feed
LED illumination
Top and bottom button
locations for grasp options

Clinical grade,
high-strength lens

Industry leading
2 year warranty
60-day money back
True Anatomical Color Rendition

Precision is a Plus+

Precision Engineered for True 1080p HD Resolution With Fast, Blur-Free 60 FPS Video

Capture images and video without slowing down. Our unique combination of imaging sensors and lens engineering, combined with USB 3.0 connectivity gives you lag-free high-resolution images and blur-free video.

More Precise Control with
Dual Location Buttons

Image capture and lighting controls on the the top and bottom of the MouthWatch Plus+ Intraoral Camera enable more grasp options and easier use.

Adjust LED Illumination

Reduce need to dry teeth for glare-free images by adjusting lighting on camera, or to better match capture needs. Turn off lighting for transillumination use cases.

Every Plus+ Camera Includes…

Instant, no lag

Lightweight Design



The Plus+ Will Integrate Seamlessly with Your Existing Imaging Software, Guaranteed

MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras stand apart for their quick integration and universal compatibility with imaging software. Need integration support? Our team is available to remote in and install our button capture software for you.

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Our 60 Day Full Money-back Guarantee is the New Demo!

After your Plus+ camera arrives you’ll have a full 60 days to evaluate it. No need to have a rep visit the office or deal with a demo unit you have to return. Take a full 60 days to see how the MouthWatch Plus+ will be a plus for your practice. You’ll be backed by our friendly, responsive customer support team at no additional cost. Not completely satisfied? Return for a full refund.

Group Sales

Looking for pricing on more than 20 cameras or other enterprise needs? Please contact MouthWatch Sales.