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MouthWatch 2 Camera Black Friday Bundle


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Set your entire practice up for intraoral imaging success for only $799 per bundle!

The MouthWatch 2 Camera Black Friday Bundle gives your practice everything it needs to capture high-quality images, boost case acceptance, and build trust with patients.

Each bundle includes two award-winning, one-button capture intraoral cameras, one 1000 pack of OptiClear camera sleeves that keep cameras clean and images clear, two convenient camera wall mounts for easy access to intraoral imaging success, and a MouthWatch camera carrying case. Plus, get free shipping on all U.S. Black Friday bundle orders!

Black Friday Savings Bundle Contents:

  • 2x MouthWatch Intraoral Camera
  • 1x MouthWatch OptiClear 1000 pack intraoral camera sleeves
  • 2x MouthWatch Camera Wall Mount
  • 1x MouthWatch Camera Carrying Case