TeleDent MobileOp
a telehealth connected cart

TeleDent MobileOp is a complete mobile dental operatory combined
with teledentistry connectivity 

Where Will You Use MobileOp?

Long Term Care Facilities

Bring oral health care options to patients in long term care and skilled nursing facilities.


Every encounter at an FQHC can now be enriched with dental care services.



Provide preventive or restorative care in School Based Health Centers. 


Connect medical patients to dental care or make referrals easy and efficient.

Corporate Campuses

People are busy but need dental care. Roll in MobileOp and treat employees at their offices.

Pediatrician Offices

Provide one of the missing links between primary and dental care for patients who will have lifelong benefits.

Managed Care

Provide a higher level of care with more thorough dental integration and opportunities.

Other Semi-Permanent Locations

Where and when in your community can oral health take root? TeleDent MobileOp will be there.

TeleDent MobileOp:
A Connected Dental Care Delivery Unit

Key Product Specs

  1. Heavy duty hospital grade locking casters
  2. Strong metal, powder-coated frame
  3. Computer and keyboard
  4. Adjustable height keyboard and work surface
  5. Easy-to-clean composite surfaces
  6. Up to 21″ monitor
  7. High definition webcam

TeleDent MobileOp: Detailed Components and Capabilities

  • Integration with MouthWatch TeleDent: mutliple telehealth capabilities
  • Includes MouthWatch Intraoral Camera
  • Multiple monitor options for image display and live video
  • Powerful, quiet compressor for water system. 38-40psi.
  • Sound level, full load 46dB @ 3′.
  • HVE and saliva ejector suction.
  • Scaler (optional)
  • High quality electric handpiece (low speed and high speed attachments. 0-160,000 rpm.)
  • Powerful, quiet vacuum pump. 10 inHg, flow rate 4.6 scfm.
  • Integrated water supply. 34oz.
  • Integrated waste system with large 2 liter reservoir with automatic overflow protection.
  • Foot pedal for handpiece activation.
  • Easy to view and manipulate controls.
  • Strong metal frame with powder-coated components.

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TeleDent was highlighted by Dentistry Today as a “Top Innovative Dental Product” for 2019.  See how we’ve designed TeleDent to make connected dental care easier, more efficient, and a success across many kinds of settings and many use cases.

TeleDent MobileOp

Connected Dental Care, Anywhere