Treatment Plans. Anywhere, Anytime.

TeleDent is a turnkey solution to simply and affordably deploy teledentistry for your use case. Schedule a discovery call today to see how it will work for your goals.


Teledent allows you to:

Conduct Remote Consultations

Live streaming video consultations between providers take place with a webcam and intraoral camera to bring dental or specialist expertise to every setting. When real time consultations aren’t needed, Store and Forward technology allows for patient review and treatment planning from any browser or smartphone.

Grow Your Practice in New Ways

Teledentistry is rooted in public health programs, but TeleDent helps your practice reach new patients. We help you understand teledentistry opportunities, revealing new ways to profitably deliver care to patients in both private and public health settings. Expand hygiene programs, boost referrals, enhance group practice efficiency, and convert outreach programs into new patients. Teledentistry connects you to new opportunities.

Easily Obtain and Share Clinical Data

Through the TeleDent local app or the cloud, providers can capture the relevant patient data, health histories, insurance details, intraoral images, radiographs, procedure codes, clinical notes and more that lead to easy treatment planning, preventive and restorative care.

Stay In The Loop, Anytime, Anywhere

Notifications in TeleDent allow you stay informed of what your team is doing, what cases need treatment planning or review, plus who on your team needs to do what and when. TeleDent also acts as an auditable log of services that have been authorized, by who and when. Stay compliant as you innovate.

Turnkey Teledentistry with TeleDent

TeleDent gives you everything you need (except an internet connection) in order to incorporate teledentistry into your practice or dental program.

Free updates, affordable pricing and unlimited storage further help teledentistry work for your goals.

  • Live Streaming Visual Evaluations
  • Store and Forward Clinical Evaluations
  • Cloud-Based Treatment Planning
  • Patient Management
  • Provider Management
  • Practice and Team Management
  • Clinical Data Collection Tools
  • Secure Document Storage
  • CDT Code Capture and Reporting
  • Image and Document Uploads
  • Custom Keyword Tagging for Records And Exams
  • Location Management
  • Screen Sharing and Video Conferencing
  • Secure Radiograph Upload and Storage
  • Secure CAD/CAM Upload and Storage
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Health History and Medical Alert Management
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Unlimited Data Included With Each Provider License
  • Screening Forms and Data Collection
  • Intraoral Camera Integration
  • Encrypted Data In Transit and At Rest

Dentistry is ready for change.

TeleDent brings solutions.