Developing and Adapting Teledentistry Systems for the Current Environment by Dr. Paul Glassman

Dr. Glassman, California Northstate University College of Dental Medicine, and a pioneer in teledentistry has published together with his team a guide to adapting teledentistry for physical distancing. Dr. Glassman is on the MouthWatch Covid-19 Advisor Team.

This document contains a description of a system that can be implemented quickly and can
make a major difference in patient’s ability to access their dental providers and dental
providers ability to provide effective advice, consultation, and triage leading to efficient
in‐person urgent or emergency care when it is needed.

Dr. Paul Glassman, Associate Dean for Research and Community Engagement and his staff at
the California Northstate University (CNU) College of Dental Medicine (CDM) have extensive
experience supporting providers in using teledentistry to reach people who might otherwise
not have access to care. However, the way tele‐dentistry has been used in these systems needs
to be altered now. They have prepared this guide for dental providers and practices to use in
developing systems that can be effective in the current environment.

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