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Optimizing In-Office Visits Through Teledentistry
Optimizing In-Office Visits Through Teledentistry

Provider Advantages

Teledentistry can help the provider contact patients, consult with patients and other providers, and triage dental emergencies. Using teledentistry communication tools providers can explain appointment procedures and send consent forms to the patient prior to the in-person appointment. Most follow-up appointments that the patient may need can be done through teledentistry communication.

Patient Advantages

Teledentistry allows patients-of-record and patients currently without a dentist to connect to a dental care provider. This connection of patients with dental concerns to dental providers allows patients to connect with and get treatment recommendations faster, leading to better oral health outcomes. It also allows dental providers to offer quick virtual consultations and screenings to evaluate a patient’s emergency before the patient visits the office.


As a provider, we know you want to respond to your patients’ needs while also maximizing the efficiency of in-office appointments. TeleDent can help your practice navigate the needs of patients while improving long-term operational efficiency. With a proven cloud teledentistry platform focused on connecting to patients and your care team, your practice can operate virtually. You can learn more about TeleDent here.

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