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Bullet Points for Infection Control
Bullet Points for Infection Control

Key bullet points on infection control from a member of our advisory team, Michelle Strange, RDH. Michelle also discussed infection control in-depth during our webinar.

  • Find your instructions for use for your equipment
  • Find IFUs for your cleaning products
  • Break our your OSHA, Standard Operating Procedures, and Hazard communications manuals
    • Use this time to update and confirm you are doing everything to break the chain of infection
  • Are you running quality assurance for your instrument processing?
  • If seeing emergency patients, be sure to use a rubber dam and high volume evacuation.
  • Remove unnecessary items from your waiting area and operatory
  • Open doors if seeing emergency patients to limit how many surfaces they touch from entering building to sitting in the chair.
  • Use barrier wraps where you can especially with your technology that will be difficult to clean and disinfect.
    • Please confirm your disinfectant is used for this pandemic with the EPA link above

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