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CDC COVID-19 Guidance: Update for Dental Settings
CDC COVID-19 Guidance: Update for Dental Settings

The CDC updated their guidance on COVID-19 considerations for dental settings to include guidance on contacting the patients prior to providing emergency dental services. They recommend that providers triage all patients over the phone to determine the need for in-person dental care. (For more guidance on patient triage during COVID-19, see the related reading below.) Additionally, according to the CDC, teledentistry is a viable alternative to in-person care.

“Use teleconferencing or teledentistry options as alternatives to in office care.”

Advantages of Teledentistry

Just like a phone call, teledentistry can be used to triage patients’ needs for emergent dental care, with the added bonus of being able to see the patient. By visibly assessing the patient’s face and oral cavity, the provider is able to use visual cues for diagnosis, education, and can even prescribe medication if needed.

Teledent offers a way for patients and providers to communicate in real time by video and asynchronously by messaging. Both features allow for efficient communication, triage, and treatment planning all in one platform.

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